Hope you can help.

Hi all, i joined this forum to ask for your help with a charity event ive been asked to provide a slide show for.
The eventis being organised by
Sgt Billy McKay,AMSTCb at Strensall. The event is a 24 Hrs row on a gym rowing machine, the event will be held at the Monks Cross ASDA in York starting at 12:00hrs on the 28th of March, the charity is The Forces Children's Trust,
I have been asked to include as many pictures of funerals, coffins, family and the kids left behind as this is what the charity is there for. I have some pictures ive used for previous shows to support the troops but not many of the type im been asked for.
I dont really want to start ringing up the MOD or a local careers office to ask for help as i dont want to sound crass or ghoulish as i know its a very difficult subject. Is there anyone on here who can help with some pictures they wouldnt mind me using? It will all be done in the best taste with every effort madeto be as sensative as i can.
Hope you can help and i hope this request dosent offend.
Look up the MOD Image Library on the web - can't provide a link as work machine doesn't allow access to mod.uk sites. Easily searched, and for the type of purpose you describe they will allow free usage. They are used to dealing with all sorts of requests, and won't view yours unkindly.
Thankyou for that friend. Ive got some more pictures and ill probably have enough to do a respectable job now.
Thanks again.

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