Hope for us all!

In a brief moment where I have had the chance to watch proper TV I came across The Real Hustle which is hosted by 2 blokes and a rather fit bird.


Anyway one of the other guys apparently was in the Corps but got injured after 2 years and went on to more 'dodgy' things in the US. Anyway that is incidental except hopefully when they throw me out of the Corps (once they cotton onto my dodgy dealings) maybe I will get a TV series with a former playmate. Until then there is plenty of material on her website... :twisted:

...bless her as well, she's concentrating on her acting now.
If I bother to click those links, will there be naked girls?
that's where i went wrong... i did it the wrong way round.

i was a successful casino hustler until i gave it up at 20 due to injury. i then joined the Intelligence Corps.

but hey, we've got good looking girls too :)
Very nice website, well put together..the girls that is :)

DD..don't clikc the link. The thought police will down on you !!!!
Jessica-Jane is one of the UK's hottest new actresses, currently starring in BBC3's new show 'The Real Hustle'
Actress!! of course her website bears all the hallmarks of classical training at RADA. ( It's a bit like calling the current CoS an officer that commands the full respect of his peers and subbordinates :wink: )

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