Hope for the British justice system yet

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mazur_UK, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Well done your Honour
  2. One swallow does not a summer make!
  3. As I told my first girlfriend when she mentioned marriage...

    Sympathy meter registers zero when waved in the direction of the felon. Personally, I'd like to see it written into law that any injury or damage to your property you sustain while doing something you shouldn't is chalked up to 'That'll learn ye'. No sympathy from the Courts, no insurance payouts, no compensation, no grounds to sue or claim damages.

    If you do something against the law, why should you benefit from the protection of the law?

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  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    superb - can I suggest the judge in this case is given jackboot jacqui's job asap.
  5. You can be unlucky too :x A thief broke into one of my Breeding avairies with the aim to steal baby falcons out of the incubator, unlucky for him the avairy he broke into to gain access contained an old eagle owl female, who was a badtempered bitch even onher good days, she attacked him , we were awakened by his screams, her talons had badly damaged his calf muscle there was claret everywhere, I called the police he was prosecuted 2 months later, recieved 20 hours community work. His parents sued me I was fined and had to pay damages for the thiefs pain and suffering 724 pounds, Who says Crime does not pay!! :evil: Mind you it has to be said this did Happen in Warrington and we all know who comes from there dont we :p
  6. Oh, well. If he was only robbing houses that seemed to be vacant to feed his drug addiction that's all right.

    Why can't we send idiot briefs to jail with their clients for truely stupid, and frankly insulting, mitigation reasoning?
  7. Sorry to ruin your dit but I'm sure 40 hours community service is the minimum.
  8. He said Spencer, who had a long-term heroin addiction and previous convictions for burglary, be given credit for his admissions.

    He said: "The majority of these offences would not have been detected were it not for his full frankness."

    Spencer was sentenced to four years in prison.

    DC Karl Thomas, of Sneinton burglary team, said: "Spencer is a prolific offender who is responsible for a significant increase in Sneinton burglaries over the last six months.

    Four years - out in less than two.

    Sooner or later we'll get back to administering a short, sharp & terminal shock to these sociopaths.
  9. Whatever happened to "volenti non fit injuiria"? The donut must have realised wild birds = risk. If he's too thick to recognise such a risk he needs to be locked up for his own protection.

    And if his parents sued on his behalf then perhaps you can sue them back for the cost of his break in? Countersuing when these toe-rags and their ilk start going legal seems like a reasonable way of fighting back using a no-win-no-fee solicitor. After all you've suffered stress, invasion, psychological harm, the eggs might not all have hatched.......
  10. Sue on behalf of mummy and daddy bird... that i slike a miscarriage surely? That he caused.
  11. Seconded! :D
  12. The 'eagle owl' matter sums up precisely what is wrong with our Bliar and European Soviet Union infected legal system. Basically, in the 'old days' 'goodies' were protected and 'baddies' went to prison or got hung.

    Now, 'goodies' get worked over by the police farces and sh*t upon by the judiciary, whilst 'baddies' get ever more hand-outs and 'compensayshun'.
  13. I'm disgusted with all of you. Can't you see that this burglar (or "autonomous wealth redistributor", as we in the Social Services prefer to call him) was merely funding an innocent drug addiction. Addiction is an illness, you know. Have you ever tried to live with a drug habit? Hmm? Undoubtedly he turned to drugs as an escape from his troubled childhood. Clearly what he needs is a bed for the night and a series of voluntary counselling sessions, not violence from the selfish, thuggish homeowner.
  14. Hanged! If you please. It's only "hung" if he was hung by the bollokcs :D
  15. When I came out of the army I bought a house in Sheerness. Fukc me what a dire place that is. We were burgled one night - I was woken up by the sound of someone rummaging through the cutlery drawer in the kitchen. The noise also woke Tarot, 'er indoors's black German Shepherd, which was a psycho dog. There was a bit of a scream from downstairs and the sound of a scuffle. It must have been a shock for the burgler. In pitch darkness he was taken by an almost all black GSD, weighing around 70lb, that didnt make a sound. By the time I got there the burgler was gone, leaving a few blood stained scraps of cloth and blood on the kitchen floor and walls. I was very concerned that the burgler might be lying around seriously injured somewhere nearby. The last thing I needed was the cun t surviving and telling the elderly William which house he had been done over in. All I could find outside was a few spots of blood and pair of foot prints in next doors flower bed where he had jumped over the wall to get away from Tarot. We spent the next hour looking for blood and washing the kitchen down just in case the Bill came round.