Hope for GWARS?

The royal college of surgeons has revealed half of their ground breaking berakthroughs in the treatment of 'disfigured' people.
The main release has been the breakthrough in 'face-off' style transplants.

The more worrying and potentially 'morally and socially devastating' procedure of transplanting real hair onto GWARS is to be revealed (when no-body is looking)

The problem arises much the same as the "good looking" girl you meet in a very dark nightclub. You can fool yourself that it's OK with beer but you know you'd not want it public knowledge!


worrying indeed! especially considering an article that was in the "Metro" newspaper the other day - gwars are becoming extinct!!!!!!!! they didn't however mention the plight of "strawberry blonds" or people with "auburn" hair.
Thats because they're going underground!

None of the identifying features but all of the DNA potential.
Without their uniforms SPIES are shot!
the same should apply!

Not my personal opinion of course, I actually know some gwars and let them serve me in bars and everything!
Do they have ginger minges an' all? Not kinky, just curious. Honest, guv!
Would it be useful to create a ginger-o-meter? We could have strawberry blonds at one end and auburn at the other then set the ginger standard at an agreed point in the middle?
I will always guage the shades of gwar by that oracle of modern social thought, VIZ

"Strawberry blondes, don't kid yourselves, you're fcukin' GWAR" :p

NutStrangler: Don't bullsh1t a bullsh1tter!

you are either one of them or in league with them aren't you! :?:

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