Hopalong Mills-McCartney to star in dance


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It would be more entertaining if they cut one leg off all of the "celebrities", just to level the playing field.

And the spare limbs could be used to feed the hordes of tooled up grizzlies who'd attracted by the smell of blood.

Does this count as dancing?

I would pay good money to see that, especially if she performs a high kick, sending her peg into the audience. This has the makings of the funniest piece of televisual entertainment you may ever see.


Apparently she needs a drink first. Infact she has to be legless!!!!


I'll wager that the "Hokey Kokey" is off the menu.
I'd love to see her face when some showbizzy type tells her to "Break a Leg" before its her turn.

What if it comes off during a twirl, are they going to need perspex to protect the audience like Robot Wars?

I'm deffo making a date in front of the TV for that. See if they can get Steven Hawking and Helen Keller for the Cha Cha!
She has grown a new one fron her DNA, it's amazing what doctors can do with the right funding.
And she has a new set of nail clippers.


I've heard that if the media career and divorce settlement go well, she's gonna treat herself to a new plane.............

although she plans to stick with immac for the other leg!!!


haha, the images conjured up have made my morning!
"Next, the hokey cokey! You throw your left leg in - stand fast McCartney Mills!!!!"

I did read a pretty good point in a similar thread - surely this will have an impact on her d.i.v.o.r.c.e.?!
Macka's lawyer: "Ms McC-M, you have stated that Sir Paul made you wee in a potty. That you had to drag your gimpy arse up the stairs. He used your spare leg as a cricket bat. Yet now *press play on video* the pasadoble. The case rests m'lud!"


bigbird67 said:

it appears some TERRIBLY un-PC bookies have started taking bets on the pasa doble becoming the paso uno!

Quite a good 'un if you ask me!

I wonder what her spinturn is like. Just loosen the screws on the fake leg and squirt some WD40 in! Off she goes...

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