Of course you do have Hooters in the UK. Not that I've ever been to one over there.

Hooters Restaurants - UK

But, TBH, I like my chicken better at BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings®). But again, if you go to Hooters, you're not really going there for the food, are you? Tits, whoppee doo! But then I usually am (was) spoiled for choice in my school so never really saw the point.
There are Hooters restaurants in the UK. Cardiff, and Bristol at the very least.
And there speaks a man who knows of such things.

Personally I don't rate Hooters that highly, the girls at Wing House are equally lovely and the food is better. In my humble opinion Hooters have taken their eye off the ball and are trading on a reputation that they no longer live up to.
Hooters in Bristol? Seriously? Isn't that tautology?

Is that my dirty old raincoat? private hire motor vehicle!
The one near me; the girls stand outside waving .......err, placards..........thats it, placards.........to attract custom.

If any of you ever venture over to Vegas there is a Hooters Hotel in Vegas ...... quite reasonable, as Vegas goes. To be honest though all you need to do in Vegas is sit in a casino and well endowed ladies wander by all night.
I visited HOOTERS in Norfolk V a couple of years ago. Most impressive array of rack indeed. There was a sign on the wall which said "HOOTERS girls are flattery operated". So I said to one girl that she had a most delicious looking pair of tits. She replied by asking me if I was Australian.
I can imagine them getting sued repeatedly because of workplace anti discrimination legislation or some such shite because the company don't want to hire 64 year old munters with tits to their knees and weighing in at 30 stone/flids/blokes (much like current BA stewardesses) or sued for sexual harassment - 'the customers oggled me - I feel so distressed I can't work....and the management did nothing'

The Hooters model ain't going to work here is it?
Nottingham was open in September. I would also recommend Flirtz.
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