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Hooters Girls



spike7451 said:
Why dont we have girls like this working in McDonalds or the like instead of some spotty,anorexic waif! :?
When in the US recently, I insisted that my hosts took me to their local branch of Hooters. 8O They'll have someone's eye out you know
Off to the States next week, so i will certainly be tracking down the local Hooters :):) just for research you understand, oh and to buy another T shirt. :)


Edited because i used my elbows to type. :)
I like Hooters. I haven't been to the states for a while (if I want to be fingerprinted I'll commit a recordable offence, thanks), so I hope it's as tacky as ever. Good to seem them supporting their brave boys abroad!


The one on the left looks like she's disgusted at the bird on the right snorting back a greenie to gob in the jug. Or am I reading too much into that?
Did the Jungfrau marathon last september. The start is in Interlaken and you assemble right outside Hooters which was heaving at nine in the morning. One of the girls did the race in her "work clothes" but I didn't see much of her after the start, she was miles ahead of me. But it is a nice distraction and takes your mind off what is to come.
im going to USA in february so it would be a nice opportunity for me to try out their staff ...opps i meant their food :)

wonder if the girl will melt once they hear the English accent :wink:
I was in West Virginia in November 2005 and visited Hooters in Charelston and it was pretty OK.

I fly to Evansville, Indiana on Sunday and will no doubt have a visit to the local Hooters bar there. Not been to the one in Nottingham even though i work there but i'm not sure it will be as good as the good ol american original version!!

i keep trying to talk the boss into letting me fly Hooters, but he's not too sure yet! There is time!! :lol:
semper said:
wonder if the girl will melt once they hear the English accent :wink:
most seem to, although they expect you to sound like Hugh Grant!! When me laddo ere starts talking in eeee bye gum tha nors they look a little puzzled at first and ask where i'm from, soon as you say "England" the coooing starts! Rather amusing and strangely satisfying!! :wink:
The Nottingham one is OK. The birds are average looks (remember that my standards are vey high :wink: ), apart from one who was a looker (8/10 on the non-famous scale) and one which was a stunner (9/10 on the non-famous scale).

She was identical to Stacy Kiebler but slightly shorter and with bigger funbags (I know that's now, not identical)

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