Hoorah for procurement....

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by notmesir, Jul 19, 2004.

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  1. Having just looked at the forum there seems to be an awful lot of negative vibes flying around. Anyone looking at ARRSE may come to the conclusion that all soldiers do is bitch ( :wink: ). Therefore lets let people at procurement know when they have actually done a good job for a change. You never know, they may feel a bit more motivated at the good karma and start buying even more decent equipment. I was going to start the ball rolling by using something from the scalies as an example but can't think of anything of the top of my head so how about the Warrior. I have never used one (the closest i have been is having a quick go on the gunnery simulator at sennerlager years ago) but by all accounts it has performed admirably. So, thanks for the warrior, procurement dudes. Keep up the good work
  2. Quite agree! Praise where praise is due.

    Sure I wont have to think too far back to come up with something that the army bought that worked properly, ah yes, of course, how quickly we forget....

    Cheers, procurement chaps, for that great Brown Bess musket. we'd never have driven off those pesky Frenchies without it! :D
  3. This will be the shortest thread in history! :wink:
  4. Why the hell have we still got that old favourite...the "Right Angled Torch"? :cry:
    It's been in the army longer than i have(and i've only got a couple of years left!!)You can get one straight out of it's box,put a couple of batteries in it and it still doesn't work!!! :cry: Even resorting to the 'giving it a tap' method may or may not work!! :cry:...lets face it...it's poop :p Is someone being paid to keep that in the Army?(i think so!!)
    Will somebody say"enough is enough!" GIVE US A NEW ONE!!!!! :D
  5. That's it!? The warrior and the brown bess musket! Dear god, the good old British Army Aid Agency (that will be it's new name under labour if they get re-elected by the way) is well and truly screwed...
  6. I'm sorry, but if you are going to use the infantry weapon as a measure and go as far back as the Brown Bess, then you have to at least add the Martini Henry, Lee Enfield .303, The Bren/LMG, the SLR and the GPMG to the list of success/war winners. It's only when we get to our 'Bob Marley' of today that the procurement people let us all down.
  7. Agree with you on the infantry weapons. The Martini Henry would have been even better if theyd made the ammo boxes easier to get into (ref Ishandlwana.) :)

    SMG wasnt that great though from what I've heard!
  8. It was when the alternative was an SLR and you were number 1 on the 84.

    B*gger hitting anything - it was just smaller and lighter.
  9. Thank you for the good old button stick? putees? and the silva compass.
  10. Mess tins were Ok until you were told to polish them so they looked 'shiney'

    Why don't the procure bloody metal mugs -everybody does use them and they are bloody good.
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    While I agree with your list of weapons and their effectiveness, let it not be forgotten that what made them effective was the lump of lard holding it and making it effective - The British Soldier!
  12. Whilst the Warrior from the turret ring down is pretty good practically everything (crew excepted) above said ring (!) is pants. Medieval radios, antiquated 30mm and a chain gun that is less reliable than my Series 1 Land Rover. GPMG on the other hand....ahhhhhhhhh wonderful...!!
  13. I agree with the Wpn comments, you shot someone at 300 - 400m with a SLR, it was good night, do the same with an SA 80 and they'll dust themselves off and carry on. OK slight embelishment but the SLR was an awsone bit of kit, and at 6'3" I found it a lot easier to shoot than the bit of plastic I now have.
  14. Ahh but Warrier is getting an upgrade and a new Cannon.

    Boiled sweets are the worlds BIGGEST moral boaster on exercise, especially the Lemon ones
  15. ...and, by the look of it, it is fortunate that procurement have nothing to do with acquiring the British Soldier!