Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Being as it is the weekend, any comments on the best and worst service you've ever had in an alehouse?
  2. What kind of service?
  3. To your imagination, or should I say recollection!
  4. Well it ended been caught on CCTV in a Nestle car park in the front of my pickup truck with the security guard driving up and telling us to leave. And no he would not give me a copy of the CCTV footage.
  5. Best service - any barman in a foreign cuntry who hasn't forgotten what you slurp. Worst? That's for later.
  6. Removed due to mongish double-post.
  7. Does the moonlight bar in Hohne count as an alehouse? Also, Raul's rose garden, Belize.

    I had some great "service" in those. There are others, but names escape me.
  8. People like you make me sick! :wink:
  9. Best service - The Underground Bar, in Pas De La Casa, Andorra. I got to know the staff so well that we'd end up drinking for free most of the night, great drinks/chasers with good measures.
  10. You twisted my words you fatherless!
  11. Best barman ? Well. I shouldn't say it. but his nickname wes Elvis, he had a haircut like the King he got sacked that Rock n Roll and he was human,which is rare amongst Poles. Next best was his manager, who was a national champ at pool, got sacked and I was lucky enough to be at the bar on his final night " What would you like, Sir?" Tequilla=la-la One hour later...he spoke like I type, didnt pay anything for a long series of shorts. Discovered later that night he got sacked - he was matching me drink for drink. Poles are a collection of U-bend lickers. but he weren"t bad