Hoon washes hands of RMP killings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. The BBC reports that Hoon has handed the file on the killing of six RMPs to an Iraqi court. Unsurprisingly this move has angered the families of the dead soldiers, who claim that the identities of the killers have been known to MoD for months.

  2. This is absolutely disgraceful, although sadly it doesn't suprise me....the sooner Bliar and his bands of spin doctor idiots are out of power the better.

    just when you thought the bufoon couldn't sink any lower , why does this pr*ck constantly seem to do things which are against the MOD and it's "employees" and just walk away from it unscathed.
  4. I cannot understand why this man still has a job in the government??

    This is a total disgrace.

    Vote the fcukers out next time round.
  5. There is no way Labour can survive the next election, I would rather have the fcuking tories back than these incompetent idiots.

    They have failed miserably in all of their policies, with the Iraq War being THE biggest fcuk up, they don't even have the decency to admit their failings - they just sweep what they can under the carpet. Makes me fcuking mad!! :twisted:
  6. An attractive thought, I agree, but I'd settle for getting him, the Principal Pierrot and the rest of the Comedy Cabinet voted out of office.

    The Butler Report is out soon - I wonder how Hoon will come out of it, as it seems that Bliar's latest attempt to have a tame inquiry may have backfired.
  7. yet they're quick enough to court martial , COURT MARTIAL mind , a KOSB who injures an iraqi , i despise this current government to such an extent , morale of the still serving/suffering must be at rock bottom.

    i mean dont get me wrong i wouldnt vote tory either , they've proved to be an even bigger bunch of cnuts than labour, and the lib dems are a waste of f**king space , bnp are Nazi scum , and the ukip have got a snowball in hell's chance of getting anything other than a protest vote.

    there is however one course of action left.

    militairy coup anyone ???
  8. I have a free weekend in August :)

    On a more serious note, the Arrse Party would get my vote - and if i actually gain employment over the next month or so would even think of donating some money to help. (errr, I will donate some to Arrse as well.)
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Ok a third way.

    If, hypothetically, I encouraged, incited or suggested that anyone who ever comes into contact with this creature hoon, was to strike, injure or dismember said low-life, lying, cheating, scumball creature, or attempt to do so, would it be illegal ? Or would I just be exercising my right of free speech in a similar vein to outraged members of the public shouting 'Hang the B*stards !' at convicted kiddiefiddlers ?

    Just a question to the ARRSE readers.

    (To get what the law thinks I've put the same question to a QC)
  10. It may be permissible to suggest that it would be alright if the slimy wretch were despatched by means of a suicide bomb, even if the instrument of destruction was carried by or detonated by a child, and particularly if the reason given was that the proposed victim was a member of a religion or ethnic group which disagreed with your opinions on various issues. Mind you, this may only apply if the person expressing such a view is a member of an ethnic or religious minority whose members New Labour are anxious not to upset because they want their votes.
  11. I don't think a coup is the answer :wink:

    However, i wish jackson and the rest of the Generals would fight our corner a bit more rather than worry about who they will upset - they're fekkin 4 star generals - surley they must be listened to.

    However if it must be a coup - can i be in charge of social security - i'll sort fekkin scroungers out :twisted:
  12. Alas! I fear the 4 stars mean nothing to Bliar and the Cabinet, because none of them have ever served; POD et al may as well be parking attendants. Remember, this is a government which believes strongly in ruling from the centre - they couldn't care less if they are dealing with a subject about which they know nothing, and they don't listen to those who are expert in their field if what they say doesn't fit in with their plans.
  13. That maybe something to determine future PM's - must have had some form of military service :lol:

    As an after thought - maybe ARRSE users should start a "Bring Maggie back" campaign - I know she kicked arrse when it came to defence even if she hadn't served (Maybe she did I don't know :oops: )
  14. Yeah , she kicked the militairys arse , by starting the cutbacks we're still suffering now damn her mad witch eyes.