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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 7, 2003.

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  1. Excellent HVM , thanks for that timely link.

    Still watching the debate in progress. I may have misinterpreted this, but is this call up, a case of hurry up and wait?

  2. If this now applies to you, join the gang, we've been hurrying, waiting and not reading anything into anything for about three months now!

  3. They have made a decision Dogmonkey...

    "Might I ask my honourable friend, if the troops are happy?"

    "They are indeed Prime minister"

    "Well f*ck them about then"  ;D
  4. Apparently the Buffoon is seriously pissed off at Jack Straw for saying that the chances of war are 60:40 against! :eek:

    Clearly, Tone mushrooms his Ministers as much as he does his military. ;) :p
  5. BuffHoon is pissed at everyone

    It's a wonder he doesn't have a coronary the stress he's under.....  ;D
  6. I wish that these idiots who seem to think that they are at the helm of UK plc would get their fingers out of their arrses and make a decision.

    All this tripe about "a range of contingency planning options" is all very well and good for the press, but it is getting a mite boring for those of us who are possibly in frame to go and ensure that Tony gets a Christmas card from Dubya next year.

    Further to that it is beginning to have a seriously detrimental effect on our morale, the morale of our families and girlfriends and also on our perceptibility as a credible force.

    There is much scope for the bean stealers to get this massively wrong if they are thinking about a light role Para/Marine force going along to do the fighting and letting the Armd Bdes follow up to do a bit of peacekeeping/enforcement that the Americans can't be bothered to do. Which do you think is riskier?

    Option 1. 16 Air Asslt Bde and 3 Cdo Bde go in for a fight. 1(UK) Div sits on its arrse (either in Germany or the desert) and waits for "peace" to occur. The armour then rolls once the fighting has finished, probably after serious casualties have been incurred by the cabbageheads and the bird-poo.

    Option 2. Gordon Brown is told to f*ck off, Geoff Hoon is kicked squarely in the nads and we get on with fighting the way it is supposed to be done - with some heavy metal. Once we've cracked it (albeit as a minor walk on part to the American blockbuster) our light friends can come along, put their hats (oops I meant berets!) on and do the "one bag of rice or two, Mohammed?" stuff.

    To be honest either option is preferable to the pathetic manner in which this government is pussying around at the moment.

    Funny old thing I am in total agreement with m'learned friend Dogmonkey:

  7. the simple fact is that Tony B wants the UK to make a big contributions so that he looks big and improtant but all Uncle Sam wants is a few toms witha  flag, along with similar contributuins from the other 50 or so countries asked to 'help'.

    The only firm request from the US to date has been for 2,000 German troops to guard US bases in Germany.

    Still, quite amusing that the Israelis told Bliar to shove his half-baked peace summit up his corn-hole.