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hoon slated

Couldn't agree more. The Self-Defence Secretary based his evidence on the "it was a big boy that done it then ran away" line of reasoning much beloved of the playground. He has shown a complete lack of decency, self respect, responsibility or leadership.
Bring on John Reid!
Big slopey shoulders if ever I saw them. Surely the buck has got to stop soon. Can not see big Tony taking the fall though. Hoon surely has to go.
So, if the perm sec takes all the administrative decisions, the CDS takes all the operational decisions, Pam Teare takes all the PR ones, and No.10 decides the policy - what is Hoon FOR? Can we have our oxygen back?
Sack the S*****g and send the muppet out on tour as a f*****g sand bag for a sanger in al amarah soz i just hate a civi dick that just hasnt got a clue of wot planet hes on making big boys decisions ....as the saying goes "IF YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS LEARN TO PISS HIGH" take it like a chap ....
Hoon 'led meeting about naming Kelly'
(Filed: 04/09/2003)

Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, was at a key meeting where senior Ministry of Defence officials agreed how to publicly name weapons expert David Kelly, the Hutton Inquiry has been told.

Richard Taylor
Mr Hoon's special adviser Richard Taylor told the inquiry into Dr Kelly's death that the so-called "naming strategy" had been discussed at the regular morning media meeting in Mr Hoon's office on July 9.

Also present at the meeting were Mr Hoon's private secretary Peter Watkins and the MoD director of news Pam Teare.

Mr Taylor said the discussion had centred on the press statement released the previous evening by the MoD disclosing that an unnamed official had come forward who could be the source of a BBC story that the Government "sexed up" its Iraqi weapons dossier.

At the end of meeting they had discussed a plan drawn up by Miss Teare to confirm Dr Kelly's identity if journalists put the right name to them.

"We explicitly talked through if a direct name was put to us it was agreed that it would be not tenable to say 'no' because that would be a lie," Mr Taylor said. "It would be unacceptable for the department to respond in that way."

In his evidence to the inquiry last week Mr Hoon made no mention of the meeting.

He initially said that he was not consulted about the instructions drawn up by Miss Teare for MoD press officers to confirm Dr Kelly was the official who had come forward if the right name was put to them.

Under questioning, however, he admitted that he had been "aware" of the plan but gave no further details.

Mr Taylor's evidence was the final testimony taken by Lord Hutton in the first stage of the inquiry before he adjourned the hearing until Sept 15.

Lord Hutton said he would spend next week considering the evidence presented before deciding to recall witnesses or call new ones.

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