Hoon says photographs of dubious authenticity

or words to that effect

Mirror Group have just issued a statement along the lines of "errrr faithful reconstruction" or some such

Can someone find a news link, only this just broke on ITN news.

re Hoon:

He also cast doubt over pictures purporting to show British troops beating and urinating on a prisoner.

"There are strong indications that the vehicle in which the photographs were taken was not in Iraq during the relevant period," Hoon said.
BBC news site is also running a 'Breaking News' sign saying:

Queen's Lancashire Regiment calls for front page apology from Mirror. More soon.
ITV news story is reported here.

I've also mentioned this story in the Blair apology thread on this board. Seems to me like the left hand is not fully aware of the right's actions...
Mirror has back tracked on the story reported on ITV saying they will not accept they are fakes until it is proven.

Well go and ask the con men that sold them to you Piers, or can't you find 'em anymore...... cos they've legged it with the cash
The Voice of the Mirror said:
THE scandal of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners is no longer just about a few renegade soldiers.

It has become a political sensation. For it turns out that the government was told a year before the Daily Mirror published details of what was going on.
Looks like Goon is saying one thing and the anti-british mirror is still saying another. Nice to know we are all torturers and abusers now. The only 'sensation' is that they can get away with printing such bo11ocks in a British paper! If the mirror ever 'actually' knew whatever went on anywhere, they could print the fact on their front page.... I'm sure they'd have an exclusive!
In response, the Mirror said: "Mr Hoon's comments about the photographs we published were obviously designed to divert attention from the much bigger and more important issue the Mirror has exposed of the abuse of Iraqi detainees by British troops.
What kind of f'ing moron buys the Mirror, this is just absolute shi'te.
I was just looking at the mirror's 'contact' page to see where I could send a snot-o-gram and I found this
Want to expose the dodgy dealings of a firm and its bosses? Be it a billion pound giant or a small time shyster, our Sorted And The City team will want to know. Email sorted@mgn.co.uk (Please include a full postal address)
Do you think they would bee too upset if I nominated Peeeers Moron?
Apologies if I'm going slightly off topic here, but I read an interesting article in the Financial Times today


Apparently, some Iraqis believe that the US retreated from Falluja because angels sent giant spiders to fight the Americans. (There are also tales of grenade dropping pigeons.)

I was thinking, if people can believe stuff like that (and I appreciate that this isn't all Iraqis, but it doesn't appear to be a tiny lunatic fringe either), how on earth are we going to convince them that the pics are fake?
All we need is the man with no credibility fighting our corner.
Earlier the newspaper issued a statement saying Mr Hoon's initial comments about the truck "were obviously designed to divert attention from the much bigger and more important issue" of the abuse it had exposed.

"The MoD has had eight days to try and discredit the pictures, and the very serious incident of abuse they illustrate, and the best they can do is now suggest there are 'indications' that this type of van may not have been in Iraq at the time," it said.

"On that specific point, we have testimony from soldiers A and B that this type of van WAS in Iraq at the time. We have also had independent confirmation from both Soldiers C and D to the same effect."

White vaaaan so beloved of Red banner readers

Stalwart servant of the British Army

Observation points

1. One is White, the other is not

2. One is Green and Black, or Sand and Stone (Except when it was never in Iraq) the other is White.

3. One is invariably seen in chogged High Streets , normally piloted by someone with "han Hopinion" The other is driven by someone who doesn't have an opinion, especially when talking to journalists from the Sewer press.

4. One is usually filled with Fruit and Veg and the like , the other is normally filled with cursing , bruised uncomfortable Squaddies, with a sodding sadist behind the wheel, who aims for every irregularity on the road ahead of him "To keep the lads awake like"

5. You can stand quite easily in the White one, superb ride cushioning etc.
You can't do the same in the Green and Black one, because you will friggin injure yourself if you are not holding onto something.

6. Sometimes, the White one has seats in the rear, whilst the Green And black one, has a series of tightly bound slats , laughingly refered to as seats , which are so fcuking old, the remarks "Fcuk Harold McMillan" can sometimes be seen under the paint.

I hope that helps the Mirror Journalists.

If they are still interested in dodgy Military-type pictures, I understand one of our regular contributors has one of his wife "Giving him the good news" whilst dressed as Tamsin Outhwaite?

Shall we start the bidding at say , 100 Guineas?
2. It was not a disposable camera - I have been all over the web and NO ONE makes a disposable camera with black and white film OR with IR/night shot capability.
Ilford make a B+W disposable. I know, I know, what a pedantic fcuker I am!!! You're right about the IR though, although no one in their right mind would use IR film in situation like that, it's too hard to expose properly.

The pics are too well lit to have been taken with a disposable. Anybody who knows even a little bit about photography can see that these pictures were taken by someone who knew what they were doing and was using better than average kit too. eg. lack of harsh shadows indicates a bounced flash. Do you really think your average Bill Odie is going to thinking about the finer points of creative lighting whilst in the middle of giving some bloke a "Frenzied Beating" I think not...
The most glaring mistake is that the 'squaddies' in the pictures didn't have slings fitted - how many guys do you know would be in Iraq, with prisoners and not have his sling on? :?
No No you miss the point - apparently according to Piers, despite the fact that every man and his dog (including Hoon) now KNOWs that the pictures are fakes - slings, hats, Bedford 4 tonner, SA80 wrong type) etc etc... Soldiers A and B have assured the Mirror that the 'van' was in Iraq and the pictures are real - so thats it then!!

Those b*stards better start planning a new life in South America once their names come out - which I am sure they will soon enough.

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