Hoon Rejects wounded "slur"


TCH is defending his record for visiting wounded troops......

This is from the BBC site

Hoon rejects Iraq casualty 'slur'

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has defended himself after claims he and other ministers have not done enough to visit UK troops injured in Iraq.
Mr Hoon said his priority was to ensure troops' speedy recovery by giving them good medical care, peace and quiet.

In a letter to the Times he said the 790 personnel evacuated from Iraq were not all injured in action.

"It is also worth noting that some of the injuries resulted from road traffic accidents and sport," he wrote.

He added: "I have visited Selly Oak Hospital and the Shaibah field hospital in Iraq."


"Ministers regularly meet soldiers that have returned from operational tours to hear about their experiences, including those who have recovered from their injuries."

Wounds ranged from "minor shrapnel wounds and sprained ankles through broken limbs to the more serious injuries caused by enemy action".

Later a spokesman for Tony Blair insisted no-one in the government "doubted the seriousness" of injuries sustained in Iraq or the impact they had on either military personnel or their families.

Ministers were just trying to set the facts out, the spokesman added, before confirming the prime minister had not visited the injured.


On Wednesday Tory spokesman Patrick Mercer said he thought it was "extraordinary" Mr Blair and other senior ministers had not made frequent visits to the Royal Centre of Defence Medicine at Selly Oak.

According to the Times Mr Hoon paid one visit in April 2003 to Selly Oak.

Britain's top soldier, chief of the general staff Sir Mike Jackson, went there in September 2004.

Later, opening a Commons debate on armed forces personnel, the defence minister Adam Ingram described claims that ministers had been uncaring about injured UK troops as "an unwarranted slur," which "could not be further from the truth".

He said: "The consequences of conflict - whether death or injury - weigh heavily on the minds of those who commit the armed forces to action.

"To suggest otherwise is ill-judged, misplaced and, not to put too fine a point on it, outrageous."
Reminds me - I am reliably informed that when TCH visited the troops in Afghanistan recently he turned up with two days' worth of stubble and looking like the camp tramp. He then fecked off with half an hour of his visit still to go. Apparently without cracking any jokes!!!

Guarantee the blokes were all shaved, stood to attention and turned out as best they could. Doesn't respect work both ways? Usless, spineless drivelling baffoon that he is.
Can't but agree with Taddy badger, TCH is a disgrace. He has absolutely no concept of what the Army has to put up with and more importeantly, he does not seem to care.

I would love the chance to see him out on the streets of Iraq in a fire-fight...Ideally in civvies, a tea-towel round his head, clutching an RPG and with a few Warriors closing in on him.

Any volenteers to be my gunner?
can't you just chase him till he's exhasted and then squish (':twisted:').
I belive I've just invented a new bloodsport
BLiar got some flak in the commons the other day. Some backbencher asked why the PM had enough time to write to Ozzy Osbourne after falling off his quad bike but neither he nor any member of his cabinet had time to write to the families of the men and women killed in action on TELIC.

Nuff said.

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