Hoon on "Wounded"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tango, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. There was a small piece in the People Section of the Times today. Thought it might be of interest:

    Link to Times site
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's not turned 'Hoon' into an expletive for nothing you know. It's too late you 'Hoon', you didn't think about it enough when you did the job.
  3. It's not coincidence that hun, pronounced Hoon, in Japanese means sh*t.

    The man's sincerity has me crying into my cups.....not.
  4. Have I mis-understood something - he had to watch a TV programme before he grasped the seriousness of sending troops into a war. He was Sec of State for Defence for Christ's-sake, I know he was pish-poor but surely he had some grasp of what he was committing troops to.
  5. Geoof who? Oh, TCH! Why didn't you say...
  6. You know Geoof Cnut :wink:
  7. Nail on the fecking head, 10/10
  8. TCH, surely one of the slimiest turds of the whole nulab project. Soon to be shoehorned into a comissioners job in Europe I believe.
  9. we have been wahed by Hoon :evil:
  10. I saw Geoff Hoon at Long Eaton train station, which is or was down the road from where he was/is living on Rememberance Day, every person on the platform had a poppy on except him.
  11. I remember talking to some guys who met Hoon on OP TELIC 1. They had been up early to look their sparkling best (in good Army tradition) for the VIP visit. By contrast, the Secretary of State turned up unkempt and unshaven. I think it was Norman Tebbit who said he had seen more military bearing in a boy scout than he had in Hoon!
  12. In my view from the angry seats, I think you'll be seeing much, much more of this sort of thing.

    As a general election draws closer, and Labour face complete evisceration in the polls and are exiled to the wilderness for the rest of Time, you will see these reptilian, septic maggots jockeying, in a display of vanity, to ammend and shift their part in our downfall. History will not be duped easily though.

    There is a long queue of incompetent and cynical cvnts like Hoon who, in time, will have their reputations chopped. Blairs at the front of the queue, actually Major and his shower of muppets are, but they'll all get whats coming and that is what they fear most - to be remembered as losers. Cvnts.
  13. I remember having my leave canceled because I had to do training for Telic one while a certain MP went skiing.
  14. No surprise there then.
  15. Hoon refused to eat in the cookhouse at MND (SE) at Shaibah, 2004. Some poor officer had to clear out of his office so that Buff could trough in peace.

    When he went out to meet the Black Watch returning from up North, he wasn't allowed to meet anyone who'd been in theatre for more than 5 days. Lots of clerks and cooks were put with their backs to the cameras, with Tam O'Shanters on, as Buff shook their hands. Slimier than a queue of Moqtada al Sadr's in a mud bath.