Hoon: Make Voting Compulsory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Mr. Hoon took note of declining public participation in UK elections. He proposed imitating the Australian law under which any person, not under legal disqualification, who fails to vote is liable to be fined.

    Mr Hoon admitted that his idea appeared “authoritarian”. He said: “That is an obvious criticism that has been made. But on the other hand we do require people to do all sorts of things by legislation such as using seatbelts. My concern is that if turnout continues to fall requiring people to vote in a democratic election every four or five years does not seem to me to be a major attack on people’s civil liberties.

    “Generations of people have regarded voting as a duty. My Mum and Dad have never, ever, missed a vote. They regard it as something you do. That generation is being replaced by people who, even in their forties, have never voted. They say ‘I don’t vote’ as if they are proud of it. We have to find ways of changing that attitude.”

    Hoon to push for compulsory voting
    by Philip Webster 8 October 2005

    Don't touch that dial! Coming up next: Compulsory spontaneous public rallies in support of the government.
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    307 War Hero

    Maybe if there were some decent options to vote for........Hoon needs to look closer to home to solve the voting issue.
  3. Can we take this as an admission that the new Citizenship classes which were forced into the education system by Labour at phenomenal expense and retraining to staff, to tackle this very problem, haven't worked?
  4. Who are they? Who do prefer not to take part in elections? Maybe they are aristocrats, landlords, businessmen or managers? Typical refusenik is politically passive, not well-educated person who belongs to working class - natural supporter of Labourists. Or maybe you think that those who never voted in their 40's would vote for Tories now?

    It is not care for 'democracy', it is care for democracy beeing used to stay at power.

  5. I persoanlly for one would consider supporting this option, as several countries have it as well as Austrailia.

    However there are two factrs that need to be considered...

    1. There needs to be a non of the above box, where by diss illusioned voters can express thier dissatisfaction by ticking, voting for no one. These boxes would have to be considered soem how in the process, but not 100% sure how.

    2. As Not_Whistlin_Dixie pointed out, the major parties of thie country have to get to grip, come to terms why there is so much dis illusionment againt politics and rectify that. It that was done, then I am sure people would start to vote more ( I hope).

    My pennies worth


  6. I think the 'they' he so casually and offhandedly refers to are the people of this country which he is supposed to serve.

    I haven't seen the Australian voting paper but doesn't it have an option to just tick a box which says they turned up to vote without having to vote for any of the candidates? Surely this is just written confirmation of what the 'they' already have shown by voting with their feet (or lack of them) at the Polls.
  7. At the last election I declined to vote, for the first time since becoming elegible

    The reason being is that I felt not one of the candidates deserved a vote and I cant see it being any different at the next election

    These tossers are supposed to represent the people who elect them and not one of them represents my thoughts in any manner.

    So when (if) this becomes law what happens when the majority of voters are in favour of non of the candidates?

    Perhaps if we were to see politicians serving the people instead of themselves they might get a vote or two.....
  8. A lot of people sadly don't vote because they simply can't be arrsed to wander down to their local primary school once every few years. It's got nothing to do with the quality of the parties or of the boring sods representing them, it's simple laziness.

    Considering how long it took us to get the system we have and the amount of blood spilt either on the battlefields of England or under the hooves of horses at the Derby, anyone not voting should be ashamed of themselves. I tried to vote just days after my 18th birthday, only to be told that my old man had failed to put me down on the electoral register, so I missed that one, but have voted at every one since and personally feel that if you don't vote you don't have the right to whinge for the next five years.

    Make it compulsory, with a simple 'none of the above' option.
  9. Just spoil your ballot paper, or refuse to mark the paper.

    otherwise I think this is a great idea, of course what are the chances of this govenment pulling htis off with out c0cking it up?
  10. I whole heartedly support compulsory voting, with the proviso of a "Non of the Candidates" box, the results of which are read out by the returning officer.

    With the current turn out the present government was put in power by a minority of those eligable to vote which is not a way to run a democracy.
  11. Wasn't there a Richard Pryor film about this same process?! :)
  12. Those used to be counted - or rather, votes that were counted as 'abstentions' are now counted as spoilt ballots, not separately. What's the point, if your statement of disillusion is just thought of as another idiot who can't work out the form in the booth?

  13. If that is true, and "non of the above" votes are cast as spoiled ballots, in the compulsory system, then it would be unfair.

    I have always voted since I was able to. REson why people no longer vote are numerous, laxiness, dissatisfaction etc are excuses as to why they shoud not vote.

    But if we were to make voting compulsory, then the voter has the right to select, under the system a "non of the above" option, which is declared in some way by the casting officer.

    Are we talking about now, or what may happen under the compusloty vote?


    PS I was intending to vote for party A, but when i discovered the candidate of party A lived 25 miles away in another town, borough etc, i changed my allegiance. How can some one living out side london understand london issues?

    I voted for party B instead.
  14. Agree in principle but again it would have to be on the strict understanding that there was a "none of the above" option.

    Last election I had the choice locally of Neu Arbeit (cnuts), Tory (the candidate is a cnut), Lib Dem (halfwit cnut), BNP (utter cnut) and an offshoot of the BNP who's name I can't remember (utter splitter cnuts).

    I therefore declined to vote. Why be pushed into voting for the lesser of the evils just because you have been told by Neu Arbeit that you have to?
  15. If TCH is so interested in getting the populace to vote, why didn't he actively push voter registration amongst the service community when he was SoS Defence? Only 4 months AFTER the election do we have have pictures of the Defence Secretary urging service personnel to register for voting.