Hoon labels Blair "liability"

'Blair is a liability' and that's news??? .... that t**t has been a liability for the last ten years.... nothing new there! apart from TCH coming out the closet and shouting it, mind you it's the only true statement I've ever heard him say!
Well that is the point. We all know of Bliar, but for Hoon the Buffoon to announce the fact is breathtaking.


What a 2 faced c*nt. I'll bet he's hankering after a better job under the new management.

Living proof that MPs are self serving tw*ts.
MrPVRd said:
A very dirty kettle referring to a particularly soiled pot.....
Bugger - popped into this thread with the sole intention of making a very similar comment, just to find I was beaten to it. :cry:
I agree with all previous posts.
Bliar is the worst prime minister in my lifetime - 65 years old - and Hoon was and still is a disloyal ineffective twerp.
With Bliar and Broon the country is run as an armoured division might be two GOCs - a total shambles.
I am also at a complete loss to understand why Generals Walker and Jackson did not put their feet down (can I say that). Career prospects? Peerages? for one anyway. When you are four star and GCB, what have you got to lose? No-one gets so old that they forget the most important 'item' in the Army. Not the Challenger, not the Apache, no communication system, no small arm - THE PRIVATE SOLDIER!
Looks like General Dannatt might be prepared to tell the truth about our incomparable Army. I pray he will not be got at by some oily, slicker in Whitehall.
I find TCH describing absolutely anybody as a liability as astonishingly arrogant - even for an MP with a long established reputation for being high handed and up his own arrse!

His breaking ranks with Blair can be for only one reason - he has smelt the coffee and is after a better job under the new management. Hopefully, as Broon has seen TCH's ineffectiveness first hand, no job will be forth-coming.

The best news about it that, at last, TCH has shown his true nature - a snidey, under hand snake in the grass who should, under no circumstances, be trusted. We can only hope this also signifies the beginning of the end of Neu Arbeit.
Oh my word this is hilarious.

Geoff , stop being bitter about losing defence. You lost it, because you were THE liability and terminally useless. Your arrogance and dismissive nature of units and individuals is legend, and we all hated you.

Why do you think THC became the de facto description of you in the Armed Forces, the media and even in Parliament? That's right , they all think you're a waste of skin too.

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