Hoon holiday hoohah

From BBC:

Criticism is mounting in the papers about the decision by the Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, to go on holiday to America instead of attending David Kelly's funeral.

The Sun says Mr Hoon has committed his third major blunder - after going skiing before the Iraq war and then watching the British Grand Prix soon after Dr Kelly's death.

The Daily Mail fumes that nothing can stand in the way of another spot of relaxation for Mr Hoon.

It claims he has been cut adrift by his cabinet colleagues and is "clearly being hung out to dry".

There are different accounts of the reason for Mr Hoon's decision.

The Daily Mirror says Dr Kelly's widow did not want him at the funeral, but the Sun suggests the minister's marriage could be in trouble if the holiday was cancelled.
Wherein lies the problem here?

Hoon did not attend the funerals of the guys we lost in Iraq, nor I imagine, would he have been required there.

It does however look like the knives are simply being drawn here.

That said Having seen first hand the deplorable way in which he visited troops in the Gulf, in not wanting to address them, or to speak to them at all really, he doesn't deserve to hold the position, or our respect.

Just a thought
I think he is in the frame to attend the funeral because Dr Kelly was senior in the MoD and Hoon was his boss.

But it will be interesting to see whether more is said by the family about whether they actually want him there.

Interesting concept though - girls giving ultimatums over holidays. Can just see me telling the CO that my chap cannot be spared for his operational tour because he is due poolside with me.


Surely Hoon is totally innocent of any wrongdoing, because if he had acted improperly he would have done the honourable thing and resigned. We should be totally unsurprised when Tony Blair's office totally ignores the Judicial Enquiry results and vindicates Hoon, Campbell, Blair and all the others
Remember when SoSDef used to resign over MINOR scandals?

Mind you, that was back when Honour and the right thing to do, were important in public life

"If I don't go on holiday, the wife will divorce me"

Yeah right. If that's the case, your marriage is in trouble, a lot more trouble than a holiday will sort out.

Maybe she's just thinks the same of you, as the rest of us, and wants an excuse?
"If I don't go on holiday, the wife will divorce me"

Cookie was forced to make a choice between going on holiday with his wife and obeying the PM (leastways the man who owns the hand up the PM's arrse) and his wife divorced him.

Methinks the former Mrs Cook got the better of the deal

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