Hoon goes again

War not to blame for terror: Hoon

October 06, 2005

Mr Hoon said the Iraqi people still wanted the US-coalition led forces, which include British and Australian troops, to stay in Iraq and help promote democracy.

However, he said the coalition forces had been unprepared for the levels of violent attacks carried out on Iraqis since the troops arrived three years ago.

Asked if Britain had ignored intelligence warning the terrorism threat could worsen if the coalition forces invaded Iraq, Mr Hoon rejected the claim.

"We did not ignore that advice, that was part of our preparations for dealing with situation in Iraq after the defeat of Saddam (Hussein) and his forces," he said.

"We were not prepared for the scale or intensity of the violence perpetrated by terrorists against the Iraqi people themselves."


Why can't he just die?
Would've been nice to see him do the door-to-door polling on that one.

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