Hoon for the Sack?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ventress, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Reading our week old papers, has BuffHoon been set up by Tone to be the fall guy for the leaked information relating to Dr Kelly?
    Don't care how...along as he does go...
  3. It looks like Campbell is falling on his sword now more evidence is coming to light that he had a hand in sexing up the dossier.

    I find it gaulling that Blair, Campbell, and Hoon get spared the treatment of an inquiry on camera, but they made Dr Kelly's grilling public. Oh, and it seems that after calling Gillighan a liar and an un-credible witness, the tapes and transcripts of the FASC won't be released by the Chairman as Gillighan asked so that the public can make up their own minds as to who is credible and who isn't. Of course when the Chair of the FASC says that a witness lacks credibility and won't back the statement up by releasing the transcripts, he is beyond reproach and should be believed.......

    Something stinks here, and heads should rool for this. :x
  4. I feel their day will come. Looking at how Hoon, Bliar and Cambell have squirmed at the issue questions over the past few days, their contracts should be called into question. Moral fibre and basic leadership qualities being called into question? Why should we continue to put up with this crap? Is it the British way?

    Kind of makes the miners strike and the poll tax seem trivial! At least the Iron lady called a spade a spade. Love or hate her, she was a leader. Most people held some form of respect for her, even whilst she was shafting them.

    This particular non joke we call a government have tried their brand of leadership. It hasnt worked. I pray we don't see another four years.

    Whats the solution?

    1. Conservative. (Who's their leader?)
    2. Brown at the helm of Labour. (He wishes! He would make Stalin look like a moderate)
    3. Liberal, (sorry, took me ages to type that!!!!)
    4. BNP (Driven to this extreme, its a possibility?)
    5. A N Other?

    Please help as I feel I cant even fight for my own countries rights now!

    If it don't work out, I'm off to emigrate to Albania.
  5. I seem to recall reading about a certain country in Europe during the 1930's which had a population that was absolutely p*ssed-off with politicians f*ck*ng them over and selling them out.......Conditions were ripe for an ultra right-wing government....much the same as they are ripe today.

    If it happens here in the UK, then the last two governments only have themselves to blame.....the 'politicians' of today have a golden opportunity to prevent it RIGHT NOW. But they are too far up their own ar*es to see it.....

    I for one won't complain though...after all it is we who will benefit...
  6. Agree there, Eagle.

    I don't believe a country can be held accountable for their actions. Only the Govn at the time.

    If lofty continues the way he's going then I'm sure the Sun reading majority will vote with their secret supply of automatic weapons. When the masses become disollousioned at the leadership in a big way, on a regular basis, then it will go pear shaped for the man at the top. We think we live in a Democracy but we actually live in a Parlimentary Democracy. Semantics to some maybe but, the tin pot cronies who are voted in on the day, have a free reign for at least four years. They know they don't need to consult the great unwashed when it comes to a decision. As long as the majority on their benches agree, it goes. Job security to most.

    Thought for the day.

    A civilised country is considered to be one that has a Postal , public transport and medical system that works for the population at large. Can we consider ourselves to be on par with Albania? Or at least with Belgium?

    I would suggest we cannot.
    The quicker we understand that we are a small Island with no contibution to the world at large, the better. A unified Europe is not such a bad idea!
  7. I seem to recall a certain little county in the UK, circa 2003 where it's already started due to all of the above reasons. Labour spin on it being a knee jerk "protest" vote have gone out of the window as recent pole's show support increasing.

    It's happened elsewhere and they are bringing it upon themselves.
  8. It's probably this option that may secure Labour another term. The Conservatives have failed to make their mark on any policy issue, and although the polls have cut Labour's lead to only 2%, this will go back up to a figure significant enough to put them in the running for another victory. This will probably give rise to some single-issue parties like the UK Independance Party (who polled quite well in 1997) but who split the Conservative vote in a number of constituencies to hand Labour a number of Tory seats in 97.
    Seems only we have the power to stop a third term...[​IMG] [​IMG]