Hoon for chop in reshuffle? Please?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by claymore, Sep 5, 2004.

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  1. From today's Sunday Torygraph. Please let it be true....except for the replacement they're touting.

    "Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, is one of those being considered for Work and Pensions. If that happens, Patricia Hewitt could become Britain's first female Defence Secretary, having long been tipped for a move from Trade and Industry."
  2. Patricia Hewitt MP, former small businesses minister. Logical move really.
  3. I can see it now....pastel DPM. :roll:
  4. Hewitt - bit like putting Herod in charge of child care. The only one who would look after Defence is the current Health Secretary - which is why he wont get the job.
  5. Another classic quote...
  6. Awful woman. Born in Australia, so a damn foreigner to boot.

    Bring on the General Election!
  7. Hewitt voted for a reduction in the age of consent for homosexuals.

    So, it's fine to bugger your mates once you're 16 is it?

    Im leaving before they make it compulsory.
  8. A damned Colonial......and probably descended from a crim! And here was I thinking that Aussies were, in our glorious military tradition, supposed to be cannon-fodder rather than leaders.
  9. 'Stralian eh? Then at least there's a chance she can drink. Might even put out. Church anyone?
  10. Didn't realise she'd been a nurse........ 8)
  11. Yep. Worked in 2 Para med centre apparently.
  12. Reckon you've hit the nail on the head, ET. She looks like a 2 Para med centre pin-up.
  13. Oh Well that's all settled then, the Defence of the Realm will be perfectly safe in her hands.....ahem

    Nurse I think its time for my lithium! :roll:
  14. Her Age Concern experience will come in handy for MCP implementation. After all, the MoD's obviously deeply concerned about getting rid of most people of a certain age. And, purely coincidentally, pension entitlement. :twisted: