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Hoon faces grilling on Iraq war


The defence secretary faces tough questions after Tony Blair admitted he did not know a key claim in his Iraq dossier referred to battlefield arms.
Geoff Hoon told BBC Radio 4's Today he also did not know at the time what the 2002 dossier's claim Iraq could launch WMD in 45 minutes referred to.

Mr Hoon is likely to be grilled on the issue by the Commons defence committee on Thursday.

He told Today the 45 minutes point had not misled the public.

After his committee questions session, Mr Hoon is meeting the families of six Royal Military Police officers who were killed by a mob in Iraq last June.

They are likely to ask him why the men were left exposed in a dangerous place without back-up, heavy weaponry or radio communications.
Hopefully he will be as convincing as he was on BBC Breakfast this morning, when he tried to deny that in September 2002 he and the govt and various newspaper were talking in great depth and with experts about Iraqs WMD and ballistic capability...

I am still angry that planks like him and the rest of the cdabinet believe that now they have been exonerated by a whitewashed report that they can go back and re write news articles, make them dissapear and lie about what they said and still expect the rest of us to go - Duh, yes boss...you know best - B*STARD :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
I like the way 'Tiny' Blair said that the call to question his decision to go to war was 'undemocratic'!

You'd have thought that he'd know enough about politics to know that the government is supposed to make desisions 'on behalf' of the electorate and not despite the electorate.

If the electorate don't like one of his decisions then it's undemocratic to say they have no right to know the real grounds for why that decision was made. After all, enough servicemen & women have been killed and injured because of that decision.

I think he'll find that next time he tries to get re-elected (if he's still about!) the electorate have very good memories.


Jash is right. We'll find when he tries to get re-elected that the public actually have very SHORT memories, and vote (if they can be arsed) for whoever the Sun/Mirror tells them to.
chimera said:
Jash is right. We'll find when he tries to get re-elected that the public actually have very SHORT memories, and vote (if they can be arsed) for whoever the Sun/Mirror tells them to.
Even after they've stuck two fingers up at any sign of public opinion, pushed through policies they promised not to in their manifesto for the last election, increased taxed by the back door, not improved services, not to mention lied, cheated and spent too much time licking Bush's ARRSE?

I have faith that even that bloke over there with the very dark glasses and white stick will know what's going on. The fact that all these points and more will be constantly brought up by all the member of all the other parties during the next election should help!
I can't believe Blair admitted that he didn't know that the 45 minute claim was just to do with battlefield weapons. Who on earth was briefing him? I thought it was pretty obvious at the time... I mean did people really think that the claim meant that Saddam could launch a WMD attack on us within 45 mins or indeed even more than short distance across his own borders?

Actually I can't believe he made the admission itself - made him look really stupid.
The pressure is telling, keep it up, some demoracy, selective in their view.

It is hard to believe, that such a shower is in power.

Thank god , he and his cabinet were not on watch during the Cold War,
the mind boggles, well I thought etc :x


I just hope you're right Plant-pilot, but the old cynic in me says that Blair will slither and slime his way back in. Still it could be worse - we could have G Brown - then we would be in DEEP do-do.

(P.S. - good to see the Amphs get their 'day in the sun' on TELIC!)

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