Hoon attack on data plan critics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. From the BBC, two quotes that really make me worried about this whole thing:

    Yet again they are saying this is needed in order to deal with the new technologicaly complicated terrorist plans. Hmm that sounds like the same complicated schemes that they said demanded 42day detention as "wanted" by the police. Strangely enough the police said they didnt want that length of detention, its now been scrapped, how long before this one is, hopefully, swept under the rug?

    I forget the wording, but i think it was Washington who said "the man who would sacrifice all his freedom from a shred of security deserves no freedom".
  2. OK, so we've established that Hoon is a miserable snivelling coward who fills his pants at the mere approach of anyone darker than milky tea ... but I do wish he wouldn't assume that everyone else is.

    So what if I'm at risk. The comedy terrorists we get nowadays aren't a patch on the IRA, they can't even set a car and themselves on fire properly FFS ! And even if they do start racking up the bodycount they've got a long way to go before I'm as at risk as I was the other day when some arrse decided that lane discipline on a roundabout was optional.

    So here's a message for all you cowards and moral dwarfs who masquerade as politicians - freedom isn't free. I'm willing to risk my life to keep our way of life, freedom of speech and privacy. If you're not then you don't represent me.
  3. By undermining civil liberties, you mean exporting every muslim in the country and securing it that way?

    Or spying on the 99.99% of us who are law abiding and dont seek to go round blowing people up...

    Ah right, Stalinist Utopia it is then!
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Just finished watching it, in my home town and not far from where I live, what a throbber
  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Mr Hoon... the biggest civil liberty is not ending up in a gulag.
    I would have far more empathy with Mr Hoon's position if it werent for the racing certainty that as soon as a new "anti-terrorist" law is made, it will be abused immediately.

    Covert surveillance for people not fast enough with the nappy bag when the dog craps, and another governments assets sized not cos they aint complying with a nculear weapons inspection but cos they ran their banks like casinos...
  6. His whole defence on QT was a disgrace. This Labour government will have us in the very worst a society can be if it completes its anti terror/crime/id card legislation.
  7. If you are sven on the side, and I understand english grammer "not velly good", my bold puts you in the year 2000.

    WILL PUT US - what effing mushroom have you been living under for the past 8 years?????????????????????????????
  8. The intro of the ID card will be the last phase of turning this country into a "STASI" communist regime.

    The only difference between the UK and east germany today is if someone gets arrested they dont "Dissapear"!
  9. Q/T this regime prefer the bodies to be left on public display in the wood's.
  10. Bugger, forgot about the prof.

    Do i imaginate the strange u-turn or simple non-interest by a lot of people with regard to Iraq and WMD, after this nice man was executed?
  11. See my john stuart mill quote for further reference.

    Maybe this hand wriging bedwetter needs to learn a few choice phrases, one of which is "Peace; but not at any cost".
  12. Mr Hoon. I remember seeing a photo of him freeloading at Silverstone during his abortion, sorry, tenure, as Defence Secretary. The same day the news was covered in stories about soldiers being killed in Iraq. Left me feeling loathsome towards him. Nothings changed. Just be very very afraid.
  13. With all the contempt each of you has voiced for BuffHoon, and his ilk, I heartily agree.

    The worrying thing, for me, however, is that these creeps get away with this because there is something in the Brit mindset these days - whether nominally Tory or Socialist - that presumes it to be the responsibility of government to 'look after us' in every respect: to the extent that I even heard some daft tw@t (female) politico ( a Lord, I think) suggesting that we need a watchdog to ensure - I am not joking about this - that bread manufacturers don't slice their bread too thin. FFS - if they don't slice it right, you just don't feckin' buy it!!!!!

    This is a voter mindset that allows Broon Hoon and the other Buffoons to set up endless bureaucracies, that need more and more taxpayer's dosh yet deliver feckall.

    A bit more genuine shouldering of civic responsibility by citizens mindfulf that their rights are inseparable from their duties, with the support of government/police etc - and we'd have a safer, cleaner country, with less legislation to protect the feckless, the idle and the wicked.

    Getting there, however, would call for gunmint ministers to exercise leadership, as opposed to currying favour in response to so-called focus groups.

    That's as likely as me flying to Oz in a twister along with Dorothy.
  14. We do, and we can.

    In practice, however, how much vehement oppositon is actually shown?

    Given the deciline in electoral turnout in my lifetime, I'd argue that we have the least politicised/most apathetic enfranchised population in the history of Parliament.