Hoon announces more deployments


how the hell is this going to happen, are they looking ahead in the fact that their may be splinter groups in the UK that may cause the country to go into turmoil with chemical threats??


I heard that he intends to mobilise the CCF and use them to guard bases in Germany :eek:.

The worrying news from the article is that we seem to be deploying the whole of the RAF to the Gulf - just who is left back in the UK at a time when the airborne asymetric threat is high? :mad:

It is also striking that the US has more aircraft on one of its carrier groups than we have in the whole of the RAF ::)!


Can anyone tell me what the fcuk a Hoon is?

I've looked everywhere, and it makes no sense
Kia Ora,
Toptotty you did not check your handy New Zealand English phrase book.
Here in the antipodes (or at least in NZ I can't talk for the Aussies) a hoon is what we call a 'boy racer', 'road hog' or similar dangerous driver
Why the UK has a boy racer driving The Min of Defence is beyond me-it sounds dodgy and will only end up with skid marks and a nasty accidents all round  ;D


War Hero
can also be refered to as buffy ie buf hoon

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