Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5.56mm, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. In my opinion i think hooligans dont go for the football but to fight. This often gets them into trouble which therefore portrays our country as one of violoence. But hooligans rarely get locked up and are let of very lightly. Tackling hooligans this way, just feeds the hooligans instead of stoping them. I think if the police used a diffrent way of stoping them instead of making a wall and leting themselves being intimidated by the hooligans i.e. beer being chucked over them. I think a great idea would be to use a water truck like the german police do by spraying water at them and arresting them and not just locking them up for life but for a year or two i think this would achieve a higher dicipline level. As smaller crimes can cause alot more damage than bigger ones.

    Here is an example of hooligans from the World Cup

    A record 170,000 England fans travelled to Germany for the cup and the majority were peaceful causing no problems. But the worst rioting happened the day before the England vs Ecuador game. Police believe rioters consumed or threw about 17 litres of beer each in Stuttgart and 400 England 'fans' were taken into preventative custody. The motto of World Cup 2006 was 'a time to make friends' but undercover cameras reveal England 'fans' 'mobbing up' and singing songs about World War Two which visibly shock German police officers. For the first time in the history of the cup, British police officers were allowed to patrol the streets and airports of a the host country. England was the most represented country at the tournament apart from Germany. 3,500 known hooligans had been placed on a banned list and officers had powers to check for them. But the tournament attracted record numbers of people from England.

    So what are your opinions on this subject?
  2. A bloke gets pissed and attends a football match, stands up and then gets ejected. The same bloke then has his passport confiscated whilst the world cup is on. Human Rights ?
    You give someone a dig outside a boozer on a friday night the old bill cart you away, but if the victim doesn't want to press charges you get off with a caution, do the same on a match day you are looking at doing time...

    you ever been to a football match ?

    Football Supporters, the most oppressed people in our "free country". They wouldn't dare treat muslims as bad.
  3. I work in a bar in fulham/Chelsea and we've got celtic down on weds. I'm not a chelski fan btw, but i cant help but notice how much stricter the peelers are on match days.

    T C
  4. "..consumed or threw 17 litres of beer each ..." Must have been the City of London Posse or the HAC contingent.

    Personally, I'd load the water cannons with petrol, but then, I'm not much of a football fan and there is the expense to consider... (Wife had a real go at me during the World Cup, just because I said "I told you so.")
  5. I used to live next to Spurs. On match days the local pub would lock it's doors an hour before kick off and not open them until an hour after the end of the match. "Sorry, darling, but I'm locked in the pub." Best excuse I've ever had - and took her there one match day to prove it!
  6. Theres absolutely no excuse for football hooliganism, they're saddos with no life.

    Anyone see that BBC docu on hooligans this past World Cup?

    Made me ashamed to be British watching some of those England 'fans' in action.
  7. oi geeza wot firm u run wiv then?
  8. Convicted football hooligans shouldn't be sentenced to jail. They should be packed with a bergan and sent to the middle east to do something good for our country. When they return they should have hopefully learned there lessons and behave at a footy game. If they haven't hang 'em................which is another story.
  9. Yep, me too. I actually wore another teams colours during the WC because of my dislike of the England thugs.
  10. Ahem Gentlemen,

    that August Sage George McDonald Frasier said in interveiw, when asked about where the fighting men would come from in case of a major WW2 style shindig, given that the majority of UK men now are metrosexual, well dressed, sensitive types (many ARRSERS included I'm afraid).

    The Great Man's response - 'look to the football hooligans, they would provide the basis of a major Army expansion in time of crisis.'

    Thus the Oracle has spoken, creepy faggots who cannot handle themselves in a tustle or who object to men 'at play' should fcuk off and join the health and safety commision.

    Or prehaps you object to GMDF? Slag! Comon then who's havin some?

    I will add that in the run up to the world cup, the Times interveiwed Polish Hooligans who were very forthcoming in their praise for English 'Hoolies' as the originators of the sport. The Poles although really looking forward to their Derby with German 'Hoolies' noted that to reach the coverted EU No1 Spot on the Hoolie league, had to 'take' the English Hoolies' which they acknowledged was a tall order.

    With its passport ban yet again the UK Govt has prevented this Country from excelling at an activity it invented.
  11. FORKS - YOU ARE A WAN*KER - You are obviously either a wind up merchant (Welsh or Scottish) or just a Wa*nker - look at what you wrote and as a football fan take yourself outside and have a word

    What a Wakner you are - another so called football fan who has never been inside a stadium in his life - if you had you would not dream of wearing another teams shirt.

    All I get from here is people sounding off who think they are so big putting down other people without no proper knowledge.

    I have been to the last 5 world cups and the same European championships and YES there are hooligans but these are the same blokes (like you fukcing lot) who go out on a weekend end get tossed up and have a fight and then blame it on the drink (I am a good boy really officer)

    This world cup was corrupted by drunks not hooligans - singing "one german bomber" was highly offensive and embarrasing and spoilt my world cup - "singing ww11 songs just shows you 5.56mm that you don't even have a clue about football - you read your pathetic little SUN every day and believe every little word - suprised you can read - wakner!!!

    Hopefully that is my rant over - apart from if you don't like football - you have know interest in football or if your whole football thing is taken from the Daily sport or mirror then don't embarrass yourselves by posting on this thread.
  12. chimp503

    West Ham eh?
  13. nope Bristol City actually
  14. Mmm a connoisseur
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I thought you said you were a football supporter :wink: