Hoolies watch out - OMONs about!!

Nice little surprise waiting for all the English fans in Moscow should the Reds (or Chelsea for that matter) invade Red Square for the Champions League Final. These blokes seem a bit bonkers, why the fcuk would you lie on broken glass and let some bloke drop knives on your stomach? I suppose the British equivalent is lying on all the paperwork they've been saddled with whilst a politically correct police observer drops kid gloves on them!



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The photo of the cop, his jacket shows the word 'Homo' as it would be seen through a mirror.

Ok, not relevant or even remotely interesting, but I couldn't think of anything else!
Whilst I'm generally against the police beating up civilians, I think this would be an absolute beaut to see.


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Sweet Jesus......they are nuts. Make the OSD look like social workers!!!

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