HooHaw.. Armchair Warriors Delight

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. Just in time for the spring thaw.. something to keep me away from raking up last year's doggie doo now poking its head out of the melting snow..

    DVD collection from Anchor Bay...A multipack of: The Dam Busters, The Cruel Sea, The Ship That Died of Shame, The Colditz Story and Went The Day Well?.. all in one nifty box set...[ SIGH ]..

    and if that wasn't enough..

    Criterion has released Akira Kurosawa's opus from 1980 [ with help from Francis Coppola and George Lucas ] Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior!!!
    [ clan wars in 16th Century Japan..a peasant doubles for the warlord Shingen Takeda and continues in the role for 3 years after the real guy is 'offed' .[.ends in tears and a final battle scene that is a work of art..]

    Plus [ oh, the hits just keep coming ] the release, at long last of the ultimate Bollywood Spectacle.. Mughal-E-Azam - 15 years in the making..the film involed building massive sets recreating the Court of the Mughal [ the Muslim Rulers of India] and the use of an entire regiment of the Indian Army for the war scenes... [the show stopping song is worth the price alone ]..
    Film played for 3 years in India and has been ' copied ' and ' parodied ' and paid homage to in countless other flicks...UTV Communications release.. limited theatre play in some areas to give it the full, big screen aura it deserves..

    Burrowing into the couch for the popcorn and beer stash I keep for special occasions and ..chaining the remote to my wrist..

    Sniff.. life doesn't get any better than this...
  2. Budge up Rocket, I'll bring the snorkers!
  3. Kagemusha - I've got it and seen it; - boring to the eye initially but watch to the end!!

    Spielberg + Lucas loved this film, but does this mean **** all??