Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by KleenUpGuy, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick question, what are the regs on having hoods rolled/ironed flat, or is it regimental?
  2. Is it raining?
  3. ? I dont get the joke, but no its not raining.
    And i ment on a smock, just wondrred teh dress regs regarding hoods.
  4. Mr Grumpy jammies and pink fluffy slippers actually. Smart arrse. The slippers matched my fluffy dressing gown (as Bigbird can concur).

    It didn't go down too well in the JEC though for some strange reason............. :)
  5. Attention Mods - this thread should be merged into the Ally thread by default.

    There is nothing more ally than a hood. Fact.

    Even making a hooded smock an issue item has failed to dilute it's Kryptonite-strength cool. It grants sexual allure and warry power to all who wear it, be they a recce platoon sniper or the lowliest RLC driver. Frankly, in this austere times it may be the one truly reliable force multiplier we can afford and truly rely upon.

    But never - oh never, young sprog - wear it unfastened. Or, worse, wear it. The latter should be punishable by death, worthy of a similar punishment to swamping yourself while wearing the Turin Shroud as a nightdress, and leave skiddies on the tail. Ironing it is a minor infringement by comparison, but is equally blind to its logic. How can something ally be ironed for god's sake? Like washing a racing spoon with anything other than your tongue, by doing so you diminish its mystic power.

    Be warned! And, if you can, be ally.
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  6. Usually rolled up
  7. There's an exception. Rolling up the hood on a parka makes it look like you have some bizarre form of DPM goitre. The correct pose with one of these wonderful items is to wear the hood as voluminously as possible, preferably as a holder for egg banjos, etc.
  8. Parkas are just SO Eighties.

    <<Shuffles away and pretends she handed all her kit in and didn't give it to msr>>
  9. Thanks for the info, we all have to roll are hoods up under new rules, the bit about ironing was on a drill competition we did our team (Rifles if that makes any difference) had rolled down hoods with excess material removed, button and tie removed and ironed flat.
    What made me wonder is when i spent a week with sergeants from the regs (all combat arms) their hoods were simply scrunched up with the tie around them but when a brigadeer visited my detachment (regular army) he had a rather impressive looking smock on with his hood simply loose.
    For those of you who do not know, i am a cadet.
    Thanks for the help
  10. Surely as a cadet you'd just do whichever your DC tells you to do after the Commandant or RSMI has told him what to do?
  11. So perfect for a thirty year revival. Mine (I was a schoolboy in the 80s) outlived all the shite CS95 and subsequent DCTA crap I was given.
  12. I was also a school person in the 80's.

    Seeings how I didn't get a pony for Christmas, can I have a cadet (or 2) instead? This kitchen is not going to sort itself.
  13. i sure do, hence my hood being rolled up, i was just wonderring the army's dress regs, not trying to change how i wear it, it was purely on a "i'm just wonderring" basis :)
  14. You will do as you are bloody well told young man.

    Take a spelling test and report to my kitchen immediately. I have work for you.

    Oh, and don't call me ma'am.

    I'd like to say I work for a living, but spend my daytimes (and nights) just generally shouting at people.

    No change really.
  15. 1) Who the **** would iron a hood on a smock? It would look gayer than Michael Barrymores last pool party FFS.

    2) If you're joining the rifles (or at least hoping to) spell it right shitlips.