Hoodie overturns Curfew laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ventress, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

  2. It's all your own fault.

    The Hoodiban are merely reacting to the unwarranted oppression of their brethern by the unreconstructed forces of anti-hoodism.

    How dare people be allowed to go about their lawful occasions without menace?

    Ventress, when the Mayor of London absolves mass murderers, you've no chance!
  3. Fux ache!

    Now all of the to$$pieces in the back streets can laugh at justice with impunity
  4. Hey i agree that it's stupid to ask the police to do something about yobbish behaviour then take away their powers, but read the story.

    The boy in question seems to be a model student who just was pissed off that he was being tarred with the same brush as all the chavs. I can see his point.

    Now the police can ask kids to go home (and give them a lift), but can't force them to go home unless they have commited a crime (or so i am informed)

    Surely there is a third way, that will allow the coppers to tell certain kids to bugger off home, almost a targeted curfew. Although im sure cherie and her ilk would have a field day trying to over turn that one as well.
  5. Got to agree, deal with the menace not everyone under 16. Before long we will all be under curfew, just in case we are drunken yobs or thieves, muggers etc.
  6. I've heard that the "hoodie" in question is in fact a well-to-do upper middle-class lad who's father is a human rights lawyer. Nice one, dad.

  7. It's not the judge's fault or the kid's or even his lawyer dad's, it's Bliar and his cronies who are to blame for enacting yet another badly drafted knee-jerk law. That the lawyer picked it apart so quickly merely demonstrates that NuLab can't organise the proverbial booze-up. How are you supposed to encorage good behaviour in the brats when the law makes no distinction between those going about their lawfull business and irritation chav scum?

  8. We need do-gooders like this to defend us from the do-badders out there
  9. what like the policemen trying to enforce a curfew to keep the little shits off the street? :roll: