Honours scandal overshadowed by new terrorism plot??????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OOMPALOOMPA, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me that finds it strange that when a scandal hits the government a new and captivating story will hit the headlines and divert's attention away from it. Me thinks that the Home Office pulled the terrorism plot from its magic hat just in time. I hope I'm wrong, but its all a bit too convenient.
  2. Funny that i was just thinking the same !
  3. Bit like burying bad news on 9-11 - was it done by a minor transport official working for Stephen Byers?
  4. I`ve got my Tinfoil hat on
    Hip hip hip Hooray
    My Tinfoil hat will save me
    from your mind destroying Ray
  5. The taint of decaying badger will still remain in the woodshed of Government...like LIMA's tune though!
  6. It's a coincidence. There are so few people willing to toe the Party line that you could fit them in a phone box....where they are now.....conspiring to delete emails!
  7. It's from this: Tinfoil Hat Song
  8. anyone know why I cant for the life of me find any Brilliant White Emulsion Paint anywhere?, you know it used to be called WHITEWASH!
  9. Be interesting to see how many of these 8 guy's get busted, if any!!!!
  10. Are you a bit fcking simple?

    If Blair is capable of suddenly ordering the police to arrest a gang of Muslims to divert attention from Levy, then why didn't he use these 'dark powers' to stop them from arresting Levy in the first place? :frustrated:
  11. There will be a couple of middle level scapegoats and St Tony Of The Shining Teeth will sail into a nice cuddly job split between Rupert Murdoch, the EU and the United Nations, after all, that is where all those why have****ed up spend the rest if their working lives in overpaid positions where they can perpetuate their ignorance to the detriment and edification of the poor and underachieving.
  12. Hey Mister Angry, chill out and open your eyes!!! Belle*d!!!
  13. Yes. It does seem to show the mentality of some people on this forum...
  14. Never mind the honours [sic] scandal - I bet the civil serpants union was mightily pi$$ed off that they didn't get the media coverage they hoped for with their strike :)