Honours List 2007/8

The problem we are all faced with here is that if you make a song and dance about lack of awards, you are given the tacky sobriquet of a "gong hunter" that will ensure no award. Keeping quiet and trusting commanders to recognise effort also, as is clear, ensures no award.
The New Years and the Birthday awards are made in recognition of the supreme effort made by individuals not on Operations, I am sure that all of can think of someone within our organisation who is worth something, and of course, the morale component from this recognition is immeasurable. We as an organisation have an appalling track record in this area across all trades but worst of all is the lack of recognition we give to our more junior members, especially the groundcrew. At least we are not in the position that we have been in the past where our Commanders are slapped on the back but the workforce is not.
It is an interesting point made about the AGC(SPS) (who number about 4,500, not far off our strength incuding all attached arms) recipients without whom could not operate, more interesting is that in their position, they have Commanders who know how and when to write people up.
I am not belittling the achievments of the AGC(SPS), I am bemoaning the lack of qualities of our Commanders.

Shame on you/us/me

Rant over, no alcohol involved.
Nope, just feel we have been here before. Goes to show that nobody listens to me. No surprise there then.

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