Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Olen, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Now we know how the MOD rewards those who raise £ 40 Million to build essential medical facilities for Serving Soldiers, yes I say again Serving Soldiers! MOD Nominates you for a couple of OBE's. The DMRC Gym and Swimming Pool and Army Recovery Centres should have been funded by the MOD/Treasury. They had a duty of care to do so as they are an essential component in the continuum of medical treatment for those injured on Operations. Instead along came Mr and Mrs Parry and kindly offered to fill the funding shortfall by tapping into the groundswell of public support for our soldiers, using clever marketing and exploitive publicity. Gordon Brown and the MOD bean counters were so delighted that they gave them, not one but two OBE’s. It is interesting to note that Lt Colonel Steve Clark, GM, QGM and Bar, R Sigs was only deemed worthy of an MBE for his awesome service to Queen and Country, Major Phil Packer RMP, who is an inspiration to all, gets nothing, yet he has painfully raised £Millions on behalf of the Parry’s so that they could get two OBE’s. The Parry's unashamedly say they responded to a funding gap within MOD when they first started raising money for the MOD/Brown, yet at that very same time Brown gave £47 Million to fund support for Gypsies/Tinkers, no funding gap there! I earnestly hope that Dr Liam Fox , the Defence Minister, reads this and realises that H4H have deprived Veterans of all Wars of Millions of Pounds as well as created a divisive two tier system of Casualties and Veterans. If he does perhaps he will refund the £40 Million to support those most in need, namely the forgotten Veterans of all our Wars. Finally it is nice to know that Honours for Cash is still alive and well, perhaps MOD/Treasury will send out an invite to tender for the next round. Meanwhile the long established Service Charities and their Voluntary worker go unrecognised, never mind they will be there when H4H has long gone.




  2. Did'nt Phil Packer get an MBE i'm sure i saw him on the list?
  3. CBE
    Peter Derrick Cleminson. Formerly National chairman, Royal British Legion. For voluntary service to Ex-Servicemen and Women. (Chesham, Buckinghamshire)
    Frederick Rockley Kaye. For voluntary service to the Royal British Legion Scotland. (Bathgate, West Lothian)
    Charles Spencer Leader. For voluntary service to the Royal British Legion in St. Annes-on-Sea Lancashire. (St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire)
    Maj Philip Michael Packer. Adjutant General's Corps (Royal Military Police).
    Gary Clement. Chairman South Atlantic Medal Association, Falkland Islands. For services to Military Veterans in the Falkland Islands.
    Peter Lionel Leon Hodge. For voluntary service to the Normandy Veterans' Association. (Bristol)
    Mrs Sylvia Elizabeth Rose. For voluntary service to the Market Garden Veterans' Association. (Romsey, Hampshire)


  4. Olen we know what you are saying and I am sure we all agree that the Gov should have funded the projects, but they didn't and Mr and Mrs Parry (ex Green Jacket with a serving son) saw a need and plugged it. So well done them and congratulations to them both and Help for Heroes on a well deserved OBE.

    Lets hope this Gov picks up the mantle and does what it should, and not rely on charitable giving.
  5. The biggest issues, IMHO, are:-

    The facilities paid for by the charity are for Serving personnel. Do Charities provide single person accomodation or cookhouses?

    The Charity has around £20million gathering interest when it could be benefitting worthy causes

    In it's first year of operation, the Parry's claimed a total of £90,000 between them in 'Consultancy Fees' PLUS Expenses. They are now Employed Full time by H4H. Details of their Salaries have not been published. In fact, no accounts have been published since Sept 2008.

    The Charity merchandise (apart from the wristbands) pay the admin costs and wages of those involved. This is not made clear at point of sale.

    I'm surprised it was only OBE's. Knighthood's beckon if it continues at this rate.
  6. Can we take it then, that you missed out on what you thought was a well deserved slap on the back for whatever it was that you did and felt was important enough to have received some formal recognition for?

    Well done to everyone who received an award, I'm sure that they were very well deserved, in particularly the Parry's.
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    OP is plainly not aware of what H4H has done for 'older, more established charities' :

    Good luck to Bryn & Emma - and thanks :-D
  8. Where did you here they took £90,000 in consultancy fees?
  9. Seems to me Mr and Mrs Parry should have been honoured with at least a CBE - I'd have recommended them for a Knighthood.
    Thank goodness for people like them.
  10. It is documented in the accounts published on the Charity Commission's website. Available in pdf download.

    This is what it says

    Of the support costs
    themselves, the largest items were employee costs of £0.1 million and consultancy of £0.1 million. Consultancy fees are
    predominantly the costs of Bryn and Emma Parry

    In expectation of their part-time and temporary status within the group, both Bryn and Emma Parry charged their time
    as consultants on a daily basis. Neither was paid in excess of £60,000 and the total of their combined pay of £77,000 charged
    to the charity is included within consultancy fees. In addition, Emma Parry charged £13,000 to H4H Trading. In recognition of the group’s recent decision to continue for the foreseeable future, both Bryn and Emma Parry became employees from 1 October 2008. Bryn Parry is now employed by the charity as its chief executive officer and Emma Parry is employed
    by H4H Trading as its managing director.
  11. The 2008-2009 accounts have just been registered with the Charity Commission but not yet published.

    Charity Commission

  12. I got an MBE 10 years ago for fcuk knows why.......it gets you nowhere just uses more ink when you print a CV or a letter....well done to them for starting H4H as far as I am concerned
  13. There are some fair and poignant comments regarding the H4H OBEs. However; whilst they have done an astonishing amount of fund raising and dispersement, let's not loose sight of the fact the the ABF, in my mind, is still the principle chairity for ex servicemen and women. Congratulations though are due to the two worthy recipients of the OBEs.
  14. Compare to what the heads of some charities take out of the pot I think 90K is a relatively modest sum, and a dorp in th ocean compared to the amount of money the charity raises.

    Someone has to run it and if it isn't them then who I can't think of any one better

    Well done Bryn and Emma and congratulations on the awards
  15. There's no doubt that H4H captured a zeitgeist in the public mind, but there's always been two aspects which have troubled me...

    Firstly, in setting the charity up in the first place the Parry's seemed to absolve the Government of its obligations towards the rehabilitation of injured servicemen. The MoD treated this as a 'get out of jail free' and did not hesitate in pouring praise on the work of the charity. The reality is that Des Browne and the rest of the Cabinet should have been ashamed that the charity should ever have been set up in the first place. But, lacking a moral compass, they did not, and they probably couldn't believe their luck when somebody built the facilities for them.

    Secondly, there is something strangely cynical in the way that the H4H cause has always been linked to a 'Bryn and Emma' bandwagon. Whilst they have undoubtedly raised the awareness of important issues, I have always felt uncomfortable with their own profile in the campaign. The fact that £ millions are left unspent in a bank account makes me wonder if the Parry's are in it more for themselves than for the cause they claim to support.

    Churlish of me I know, but something has never quite sat right with me about the whole H4H thing.

    Which is why, personally, I have never knowingly given them a single penny, and never will. My charity of choice, and for whom I do alot of work, is SSAFA. Not only are they active in the rehabilitation support arena, they are also active in many other welfare areas that affect us as servicemen, and our families.

    And they're not a bunch of self-publicising johnny-come-latelys either. SSAFA are 125 years young this year.