Honours for Black Watch soldiers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RCSignals, May 27, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4582981.stm

  2. Well done to all of the Black Watch
  3. Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
  4. Quoted from another recent forum topic.

    I hope you are reading this rooper.

    Well done the BW. RIP Kevin McHale.
  5. I was at Camp Dogwood with the Blackwatch . My unit punched well above its weight for 120 blokes . I am not taking anything away from the Black watch , but they got all the press , we all feel a lot of this was due to the change in the structure of the army etc . Nothing pisses a soldier off more than another unit getting all the '' glory'' .The guys who got the awards rightly deserved them but in that battle group there were a lot of guys who were not Black Watch . We all ran the gauntlet crossing that berm out of Dogwood yet it seems that it was only the Black Watch who deserve any credit . No it is not sour grapes , credit where credit is due . I am sure the boys in the Black Watch know what i am on about . Rest in peace those boys who did not come back .
  6. Pte Currie already has an MC....

    Outstanding, young man.
  7. It's Cpl Laing who's got the MC. Still, beggars belief.

  8. Just recieved the latest issue of BW regimental mag,this covers the deployment to Dogwood,and all the incidents and Ops during the deployment.Unbelievable and inspiring stuff. You attached lads get a lot of the credit in various articles in the mag for the success of Op Bracken from BW personnel. It is acknowledged that 1BW needed the support form all attached units,and were grateful of this support.

    Its a real pity that more people cannot see this magazine,especially TCH,INGRAM, BLIAR, PoD etc .

  9. Fair dos to the BLACK WATCH . They did look after us other units , i have just re-read my first post and i do sound a bit of a knob. Great that we got credit in there regimental journal . Cheers for your comment Jonesy !
  10. Well done the 'Gallant Forty Twa'.
  11. ''It's Cpl Laing who's got the MC. Still, beggars belief. ''

    Plus a bar to the MC.
  12. Big congrats to the BlackWatch , and a extra big congrats to the guys who got gallentry awards