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Ok I'm in rep.of ireland and working towards my honours business degree in tourism and sport management (fitness instructor & personal trainer included in it), What kind of job would i get in the army with this. Enlisted or officer??? Mostly interested in the royal irish, para, AAC (Have a love of flying) or saying i have a cavalry background here maybe a armoured unit. Anyone able to tell me a few Specialist areas i could get into with this.

P.S. If i wanted to do a masters in sport psychology would the army give me any help? Thanks guys sorry if this is in the wrong area


You would probably get a commission in the West Yorkshire Sports Management Fusiliers (Reeboks Own). Failing that, the RMP would snap you up. Most of their officer graduates have shit degrees like yours.
well it is a business/management degree, i'm sure it would be of some good as a officer

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