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Discussion in 'REME' started by Not_bitter, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Not much of a performance by the REME on HERRICK 10 was it? Or was it a case of just not being recognised for it???

    Glad I'm out soon - I'm fed up of being treated like a ginger step-kid by the rest of the army.

    Congratulations to all who won awards though. Top job done.
  2. Prick
  3. Some cap badges are notoriously bad for nominations, unless its a high ranking officer. Mine included.

    We just go about our day.....

    But even so, well done to those decorated.

    Hate the game not the player.
  4. How neatly put!
  5. Did any REME bods on Herrick 10 actually do anything deserving of such an award in the first place?
  6. The Army would be fücked if the REME performed like the bottom 95% does.
  7. Anyone ever thought that doing ya job is not enough - there were loads of guys honoured who had been killed rather than some Recce Mech doing his job - your glad your out - we are glad your old coz friggin Tescos wont give you an honour just for doing your job.
  8. Let's not have a sudden outbreak of chippyness.

    I'm sure the vast majority of soldiers performed well on H10 and more would have done above and beyond what was asked, than could be recognised. As we all know, not all of these soldiers are ever recognised for their actions. This is true for all capbadges and is not peculiar to the REME.

    The REME have done very well since 2003, winning a CGC, a fistful of MCs and a pile of MiDs. I would imagine the fact that none of ours are named on this list means that others were deemed to have done more. I'm sure there would have been plenty of nominations, the fact that there are no awards should not be seen as an insult or evidence of lack of recognition.
  9. Fuck off you sheep's cunt. There's doing your job and then there's doing your job. When was the last time you fucked up someone's pay whilst protected by 2mm of fibreglass as some cheeser fired RPGs at you?
  10. Jesus don't everyone hate me for having a rant!

    I was just under the impression a lot of REME guys had done some brilliant things out there. Maybe not, in comparison to others? As has been pointed out the Corps has done quite well for awards in recent years but last year seemed to be a really bad one for injuries and fatalities. It would appear the guys were in the thick of it. Maybe I'm just being touchy because the remf stigma still seems to be attached to the Corps. If that makes me a prick then I hold my hand up.

    I'm still getting out at my 12 yr point though...and defo not working for Tesco's!

    As in my original post - Well done to those awarded recognition. I don't wish to take anything from them.
  11. Yes we had a pretty pump time as far as casualties go, but don't be so naive as to believe that casualties should go hand in hand with bravery awards.

    Is it an act of bravery to drive over an IED? No it's just unlucky.
  12. I didn't mean it like that. I probably shouldn't have used the number of casualties to iterate my belief that a lot of REME guys were in the thick of it and doing an outstanding job.

    I'm sure the guys who were out there know what a good job they did. I would just have liked to see a few of them being publicly told so. After all, it wasn't just bravery awards that were being handed out.
  13. Is it possible that you think the bar is higher for REME than it is for the rest of the army? I can't think of a single trade that isn't in the thick of it in Afghanistan right now.
  14. I hear you and I stand by my first post on this thread. I'm quite sure our people were doing the business as usual and imagine there were nominations when deserved. Not everyone can be recognised, yes it is unusual for the REME not to get a look in but I think this will be an exception.
  15. Medical and Dental Technician?