Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GNR40, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Is it me or are the Gunners notoriously cr@p at nominating our soldiers (and officers for that matter) for the old Honours and Awards, not just operationally but in the Queen's New Years and Birthday Honours Lists?
    I read recently that a good percentage of blokes in the 'Stan and the big Sand Pit are Gunner badged and we are unfortunately paying a bigger than probably expected price at the moment. So, for those that can...c'mon let's get some blokes nominated!
  2. Have you been shamefully overlooked again???
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I agree GNR40, absolutley abysmal showing again
  4. Yes we have Vimeiro, two Gunners named on the NYHL I think? 1 x Lt Col and 1 x Maj. Not too sure if there are others?
  5. Perhaps someone should do something worth getting a gong for rather than bitching how life is sooooooo unfair!
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Airfix I am sure many have, what is being said here is that there is presumably a failing in the writing up of said individuals
  7. Spanish Dave - and Gnr40 - are quite right and it is a failing that is acknowledged around the bazaars. It's all well and good Lt Col and Majs getting nice bits of tin, but we overlook the vital role our more junior people play on Operations, particularly the FST Comds in the rank of Sergeant who are becoming increasingly common!

    Look at the example of the young Bombardier who acted as a one-man FST in Musa Qaleh on H4 (mentioned in the book about the 3 PARA tour) - top bloke, an outstanding soldier and thoroughly deserving of some form of recognition, as were others I am privileged to call mates.

    That said, he did get promoted, and a senior chum of mine once made the observation that awards mean nothing to soldiers, promotion means money - perhaps he has a point.

    I could also draw attention to another one-man-band (JH) who seems to have received nothing from the system apart from the admiration of all.

    It's a problem. I think all commanders who have it within their power should actively seek out deserving cases and invest the time and effort required to ensure that their endeavours are adequately recognised.
  8. Who's bitching? That was a bit random Airfix wasn't it? I never said anything about life being soooooooo unfair. We play with the cards we're dealt with and we get on with it. My point is merely aimed at the fact that the Gunners never seem to get what I think they should and that is an award or two for the job they do in as difficult conditions as our colleagues in other arms. As for you saying we should do something worth getting a gong for SHAME ON YOU. Think about Lt Tom Tanswell, Gnrs Lee Thornton, Sammy Vanua, Stephen Wright, David Lawrence, my good friend Capt Jimmy Linton, LBdr LLwelyn Evans, Sgt Les Hehir and OM Comms Ian Seymour all killed in Iraq. Think about Trooper Jack Sadler, Sgt Dave Wilkinson, my very good friend WO2 Mick Smith, LBdrs Ross Clark, Liam McLaughlin and James Dwyer, Capts Alex Eida and Jim Philippson all killed in Afghanistan. Also if it's not too much trouble think about those horrifically injured in all arms and services but especially for LBdr Ben Parkinson who's reaction to the money raised for him so far was "give it to the other lads". THAT'S why we should get a bit of recognition!
  9. Once again a case for bringing back the BEM- often awarded at unit level for work outside of Ops.

    The problems with Ops is that often the awards are staff through teh Battlegroups, and as a result it is possible that Other Arms get lost in the post. However wait till Feb and see the award list from H6. It should give a fairer reflection as I know each Arm submitted their own list up.

    Happy New Year all - I'm off to get harry shi@@ers :)
  10. Are you on about Sam N** Prox? If so he should've been awarded for what he did at Musa. He stayed in post, bringing in fast air even as incoming rounds were shredding his kit. Performed above and beyond and got the square root of fcuk all when similar deeds were awarded the MC and CGC.
  11. Totally agree mate - I only drew attention to them to underline my point. I suspect we could fill a thread with similar deserving cases. I was actually referring specifically to RA, but he wasn't alone.

    Happy New Year by the way!
  12. And to you mate. Richy P says hello!
  13. Give the twat a thump from me! :D
  14. Oh boo hoo! Getting killed and broken in body and mind on op tours is part and parcel of life in a green suit!

    Now back on topic, if the shallow streak of wee that forms the senior echelons of the RA officer corps can't write up a decent recommendation for a bit of bling for deserving bods on the ground do you honestly think anyone will shed a tear?

    And btw, such trinkets as MBEs etc are also given to little old ladies who work in chippys so moaning about the lack of the same is rather lame!

    As to the lack of operational awards not open to little old ladies who work in chippys, I suggest you direct your remarks to the afore mentioned streak of wee that commands within the RA.

    Perhaps a letter on the same to the editor of Gunner magazine would do the trick...
  15. You sir , ( im attempting to be nice ) dont know what your beef is, but that stupid one liner is pathetic . you obviously have no idea. :threaten: