By Ian Kirby and Emma Chalmers

DOZENS of Our Boys are to be fast-tracked for medals after surviving one of the most intense periods of combat experienced by the British Army since the Korean War.

The News of the World can reveal that the medals tally, to be announced in September, will include at least six Military Crosses.

Ministers say they have been astounded by the level of bravery shown by our armed forces during months of intensive fighting in Afghanistan's isolated Helmland province.

That will take the tally of MCs awarded in the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan to more than 50 in the past three years.

So far, 43 soldiers and marines have been awarded the Military Cross and two have received its sea and air equivalents in the two battlefields, which is given to officers and squaddies alike "for gallantry during active operations against the enemy."

This the most that have been awarded since the Second World War, when more than 11,000 were handed out. Most of the awards have been won in Iraq.

For the first time, the News of the World reveals the incredible stories behind those medals - and some of the horrifying ordeals suffered by the soldiers whose bravery was often the turning point in major battles in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

news of the world
Just read the news of the screws in the mess.

I didn't realise that the RN had Lt Cmdr's. Lt Cdr's yes, but the former is a USN abbreviation.

Can someone tell me what a Lieutenant Corporal is as well??

Well done though fella's!!!!!!
Bloody Hell! I have served with 3 people on that list: glad i got out as I really do not like being shot at :)

Good to see old friends doing well and surviving. Well done to all.

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