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Honours and Awards for NI


Does anyone know if a list of honours and awards exists for any service personnel that died during the troubles?!?

I have a roll of honour published on a website which contains a huge database of all those that died as a result of the troubles, but im struggling to complete those who were awarded medals etc for their actions.

Can anyone help??
A lot of awards for NI were as a matter of Persec kept very "Stumm"


Any idea if that still counts for posthumously awarded ?!?

I suppose it would depend on what it was awarded for ?


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You are going to have real problems finding the more recent recommendations and or citations for NI gongs (but I guess this isn't news to you!). The FOI Act and the security implications of making a lot of these awards public will make it nearly impossible.

I am aware that certain books that have been written over the years can act as a very big steer to certain actions (e.g. Chris Ryder's A Special Kind of Courage). A little cross referencing with the London Gazette can do the rest. Likewise certain posthumus or famous actions will have made public.

I know of a chap who is currently compiling a database of all QGMs awarded if that's a help?


Thanks for the responses.

Bedpan, any idea where this memorial is so i can have a look ?

Jonny, that would be a big help, i can cross reference with the database of names, date of death etc to see if any are the same?!?




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