Honours advice please.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Galileo82, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Morning All (I think this applies to this forum)

    How does one go about getting someone an Honour (i.e. MBE/OBE)?

    I know a man that is very deserving. He served for 22 years (retired as an RSM) and immediately took over as Cmdr of a CCF and has been doing that since (18 years and still going). The amount of work he does for the CCF is incredible and it is pretty much a thankless task and he as put up with a lot of serious shoite over the years from teachers (anti-Military trying to get it disbanded) and parents (much the same).

    He is more deserving than a lot of the ‘celebrities’ that are getting honours these days and it would be a fitting end to his career.

    Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.


  2. Assuming this is not a wah.

    There is a form F/Hons (I forget the number) which you comlete and staff through RHQ/Bde G1. Simple process. However speak to the DCOS or someone who has been successful to get pointers for the citation - simply saying good job well done etc doesn't often work.

    Helping kids, charity or community relations are often more successful. It is a fustrating process but very rewarding if you manage to get in through!

    Good luck.
  3. Just follow this self-service >>link<<

    All quite straight forward.
  4. He is technically (or rather 'actually') a civilian? Its a different process if he is.
  5. I guess if all else fails...

    All responses are much appreciated.

    P.s This is not a Wah and I think he has a good chance of getting one if I can sort it out properly.
  6. If he's involved with the CCF then he is going to hold some military rank albeit a TA Gp B Commission or whatever. Therefore his citation will be raised in the normal way and your G3 Cadets blokeat your Regional Bde HQ can help.

    The point about turning up and doing your job is a good one. It ain't going to get the gong on its own, peversely involvement in other school activities (in other words a nod from the 'civvie' staff at the school) is going to be pretty important. Let's hope they're not all anti military!
  7. Would he be classed as a civilian?

    He currently holds the rank of Major (CCF). Should I do this through the Military or treat him as a civilian?
  8. 1. See Above.

    2. If you're 'majoring' on the military service then it makes sense to me to treat him as Mil - and it would definitely mean more to him too!
  9. Thanks very much. I will contact the Cadet HQ and see if I can get the ball rolling!
  10. I would nominate him via Military Channels as he then gets the Military Division of the Order (MBE or maybe an OBE if an officer)

    You can nominate anyone for the Civilian Division via the Cabinet Office.

    and no you do not need to bung Gordon a few bob either....

  11. Nothing on your link about the going rate for MBE's mate. They must have taken it off ;)
  12. If you look at todays honours list, he will def get treated as Military. Fair play to him, hope you're successfull.