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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pompey, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. I'm thinking of re-joing the TA after a considerable gap (but I'm still a sprightly thing at only 32!) and have been looking at London based units.
    Interested in the HAC and done a bit of research, any posters here serve with them - any inside info or pointers would be appreciated.
    Cheers guys (n' gals)
  2. the HAC is unique - it's full of ruperts! Don't get me wrong - had them attached on a Bde ex and they were excellent at long range recce - but they are all posh from the troopers to the colonel. Ended up saluting a lance jack for fecks sake! The HAC also are unique that it's the only regiment with it's own masonic lodge! And at last the HAC have been used on ops in Iraq - but if it's the full STA role we have yet to learn.

    In all seriousness - try them out and see if you like it. If not there are a few other units that are worth looking at. The RGJ Companies of the London Reg (rumour control has it that 4 RGJ is to be reformed), or maybe 10 Coy (4 Para).
  3. Come and see us in Mayfair, we even have some people without posh accents.
  4. What the Royal Tweed Jackets in Mayfair!!!!!

    What part of London are you from, and how far are you wiling to travel.

    If you want to be surrounded by large amounts of people who have never done anything but talk. Then the London Regiment is for you.

    Great social life
    About as much tactical sense as David Beckham
  5. I was on a course with a couple of them a few weeks ago.

    Really nice chaps, and not as posh as some would have you believe.


  6. arrse!
  7. Try the men at West Ham. Good for a laugh and good at their job.

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  8. Try the men at West Ham. Good for a laugh and good at their job. 8)
  9. Small world, was on a microsoft course last week on Tabbernackle street - across the road from the HAC and had lunch in the Plague Cemetery behind, except when it was raining...

    £4.50 for a sandwich and a drink from Pret a Minger.!!!

    must be posh.

  10. Chopper. Thats right, the 2 coys the Regt has sent to Basra had no tactical sense whatsoever. Who do you serve with? The RLC perchance?
  11. They can also get into your car without keys in 15 seconds flat.
  12. Was a thread last year on here slagging the hac :) .The rgj was a good bunch of blokes when I was there years ago not completly city workers .Davis street was great place to drink . :lol:
  13. Well I live in Watford, nothing around here at all.
    I work in Westminster and so on the look for any mob close to central London... there is the Scottish regt on this road here (Horseferry Road) but HAC caught my eye...
    Still very much open to suggestions though!
  14. Well you've got the Jocks in Horseferry, jackets in Davis St or PWRR near you in Edgware.

    You'd be best served chatting to them before making a decision.
  15. Please stop calling those army blanket wearing bi9g talking do nothings jocks!!!

    Its making my eyes sting just reading it