Honourable Artillery Company "105 Shell" Polo Match 2010

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by wolfbolt, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. #####Have replaced 2010 details with 2011 to avoid confusion#####

    The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is proud to host The IG-Index HAC 105 Polo Invitational, a three match exhibition polo event in aid of the Regimental Charity - The HAC Benevolent Fund and also The Parachute Regiment Charity. In 2010 the event drew a crowd of 700+ spectators and raised much needed funds for the HAC Benevolent Fund.

    The event will be held on Saturday 17th September 2011 at Ham Polo Club, Richmond, London. Tickets available
    IG-Index HAC 105 Polo Invitational :: IG-Index HAC 105 Polo Invitational

    This year will see a number of teams play for the honour of a number of beautiful trophies (kindly provided by Mappin & Webb) and the main match sees The Household Cavalry Regiment compete for the "105" (A 105mm brass cartridge used to fire an artillery round from a standard British Army field gun).

    11:00 Gates Open

    13:00 The Finsbury Cup

    IG-Index HAC (Bullecourt) Vs II PARA

    14:00 The IG-Index "105"

    IG-Index HAC (Arras) Vs Household Cavalry Regiment

    15:00 The Zepter International Cup

    HAC Saddle Club vs Household Division (Veterans)

    16:00 Prize Giving

    16:15 Raffle Draw

    18:00 Close


    There are 3 levels of tickets available:
    - VIP & Lunch (see menu below) £100
    - VIP £50
    - Basic £10
    - Car Pass £40*

    Please note that in order to ensure sufficient picnicing and viewing space parking is at a premium and only those vehicles with a valid pass will be granted access to the grounds on the day. There are a limited number of car passes available and they need to be purchased IN ADVANCE. No exceptions can be made on the day.

    The Nearest Tube and Train Station to the Polo Club is Richmond. To get to the club from there by Taxi takes 5 minutes, alternativly the Number 65 bus stops outside the club gates. Walking along the river from Richmond takes 25 minutes.

    DRESS CODE: Smart Casual
    NO SHORTS - Male or Female allowed, designer or otherwise.
    Smart jeans permitted.

    Lunch will be served in the club house at 12:00. It will be preceded by a champagne reception. Tables of 12 are available. The dress code for the lunch is sports casual. Gentlemen are encouraged to sport regimental/club ties.
  2. that sounds like a good day out - I may try to get a few friends together
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    It is possible that I could persuade one of my Ursine colleagues to attend. The challenge, as ever, is finding a suitable Bearer. Responsible adults with decent photographic and literary skills [for the PXR] could email the Bear-Minder-General at sgt.slingsby@gmail.com
  4. I would volunteer but as anyone who has met me knows neither adult nor responsible :)
  5. you also managed to lose him to the bar a few times on the night before the rugby!
  6. lose who???????????????????? If you are talking about Joker's ACC bear I rescued him - he is sitting on my sofa
  7. I hope he is being suitably refreshed being an ACC bear, fine food, beer and wine :D
  8. no beer here - he is drinking all my wine though - have to put an order into the wine club soon
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Get yourselves along to what promises to be a top day. I'll be the drunk chap in the outrageously loud trousers trying to start a fight with a horse. Providing of course, I don't get dicked to man the 105s, in which case I will be the chap in green looking bored and chatting up posh girls next to the big guns.
  10. Looks like a good excuse to get drunk :)
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That it is, that it is.

    My picnic at the last polo match I went to consisted of a mini pork pie, 3 bottles of champagne, some Pimms and the fruit from the Pimms for dessert.

    Top day out, lots of posh fanny mingling around and as you say, a great excuse to get blind drunk.
  12. I could be tempted by this as I'm off for the day, who's bringing the knotted hankies and pork scratchings ? :)
  13. I'm bringing champagne, cheese and wine, also may pop into Borough Market the revious Friday to the lovely French stall to be tempted by various items of yummy food :)

    What is the dress code?
  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Usual smart casual summer attire is perfectly acceptable. If I'm not in uniform I'll probably be in some smart chinos and a shirt. Ham is quite posh so presumably summery dresses are the order of the day for ladies.
  15. The dress code is what you may or may not wear under given circumstances but that's not important right now Poppy. Tell me more about the French foodstuffs...