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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ukdaytona, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Mate of mine finally got a reply from his MP about stuff he had been writing to his MP about. The reply included copies of letters from SoS - Defence with a copy of 'Military Covenant Factsheet'

    He started reading it (several pages) and got to the following paragraph....

    'Much pf the public concern regarding the scheme centred on the tragic case of Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson who was seriously injured in Afghanistan. Parts of the media compared the compensation paid to him with that paid to a former "RAF Typist" who it was said had RSI. Compensation in the latter case was not paid under AFCS and the SAWomans injuries were more serious than RSI, she may never work again. The compensation steelement included elements in respct of pain and suffering and an assessment of loss of earnings, loss of pension and her legal costs. L/Bdr Parkinson will receive a tax free, inflation proof monthly Guaranteed Income Payment for life, as well as a lump sum that will reflect the findings of the review of the arrangements for those with multiple serious injuries. The amount received is not capped unlike the Criminal Injury Scheme

    Time Limits for claiming compensation are a particular concern raised by the RBL. Contary to some media reporting, claimants have 5 years to submit claims under the AFCS (This compares with 3 years under the civil litigation cases.) There is also provision to extend the time limits for claiming for certain late onset illnesses and in situations where the claimant has been unable to submit a claim due to illness

    Now a couple of points my mate asked about were
    1 - Is L/Bdr Parkinson expected to work again ??
    2 - Do we assume that the RAF Personnels payment was under CIS and if so, why was it considered an Criminal Injury???

    The whole Covenant document is 10 sides of A4 so not putting it here but it does cover other things besides and makes interesting reading.....
  2. I Got the same thing back from "Eyebrows" Darling, that was passed to him from "Swiss"
  3. So, are we to gather from this that the SACW will never work again in her lifetime, and as that sum is to cover loss of earnings, she will never make a claim on the benefit system ???????
    The only CRIMINAL part of this is the fact that there are people who have lost more than a thumb and still lead a productive life. I find it strange that the idea of becoming a soldier, then expect to be injured, it's part of the job. Surely, become a typist and expect to recieve RSI.
  4. Unlike some less fortunate she still has all her limbs. Maybe reduced use in one however are you telling me she can never work again. My fecking hoop!
  5. I know the content has been mentioned elsewhere but this email received from the RBL yesterday:

  6. Many thanks for the links Dunservin, emails sent.

    There are two letter writing campaigns on this link:

    Honour the Covenant
    Free legal representation for bereaved (Forces) families