"Honour the brave" - most popular early day motion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Check here whether your local MP has signed this early day motion.
    It was started by Kevan Jones, Labour and has been signed by 330 MPs to date, which makes it by far the most popular. The text reads:

    That this House recognises the bravery, dedication and sacrifice of members of the armed forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq; applauds the Daily Mirror's Honour the Brave campaign; and calls on the Government to ensure that all personnel in the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force killed or wounded in enemy action are awarded a medal.


    (Just hit CTRL and F and type in their surname to find them...)

    For the record, Angela Eagle, my local MP is too busy to sign it as yet, in fact she's been too busy to sign ANY of the 1,450 issued.
  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I see that SoS Def (V) has not signed, nor the Leader of HM's Opposition.

    Shame is the word, I think.
  3. A lot cheaper than doing anything tangible for the troops i guess.I wonder if the motion had been for life long top quality healthcare/compensation for those wounded how many of those would of signed up?
  4. The Beast of Bolsover has signed.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I believe it is not the done thing for the leaders or SOS's and their shadows to sign.
  6. Agreed. I've now become so cynical that where previously I would have applauded such a motion, I now see it as a weak attempt to buy us off.

    I felt the same way about Tony's Bonus. Still pocketed it though... :wink:
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I stand corrected; thank you for the steer, you are more politically savvy than I!
  8. Would this be the same daily mirror that honoured our boys by printing fake torture pictures which may have led to dead soldiers?

    Also, haven't we already established that the purple heart uk stylee medal is a pants idea?
  9. More shameless spin on liarbore's part,basically a headline grabbing way of saying "look how much we value the troops",without having to tackle the real underlying issues at hand.Then again what else can one expect from this shower of utter,utter scum.
  10. EM made me type it!
  11. edited cos I am a 'tard'
  12. double double 'tard'
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Correct - but these are politicians, who won't take into consideration our thoughts about the matter before they bring in this rather poorly defined idea.

    Face it - this "medal" is a cheaper option than proper compensation for the wounded.

    This is but a "nice" gesture with little action required and a "nice" line to be able to role out when next taken to task by a journo...."Of course I care for our soldiers, look, I think they deserve a medal and I have my signature on the motion to prove it......."

    As to the numbers signing. No clue, no research, toe the party line -Baaaaaaaa!
  14. Who cares if it has been signed?

    These are mere words. Clearly, this is a PR stunt by some untalented hack who thinks he can do PR.
  15. A deeply cynicial motion that trivialises the issue. A lazy way for slack MPs to show they are doing something.

    Instead of hounding MPs who have not signed this motion, why not ask the MPs who have signed it what, of stubstance, they are doing to improve the conditions of injured soldiers.