Honour Our Troops

Honour Our Troops is a non profit organisation with a team of individuals all of whom are working voluntarily in their spare time, all sharing the same vision, to lay on a Live Aid style concert to Honour Our British Troops.

The organisation has the full support of the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust,
Army Benevolent Fund and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, all of whom have pledged their time and commitment to helping us achieve our goal. All proceeds of the concert will be donated to the aforementioned Tri Service Charities.

"The aim of the group at this time is to fund raise to enable us to raise the profile of the cause and make this happen" An application for Charity Status is in the process of being lodged.

We hope that you will join us in offering your support and help us to give something back by laying on this fitting tribute. We thank all of those people who are already showing so much support, especially the families of the fallen, who are striving to help us make this happen.

Once you have raised the 5K, held the concert and achieved charity status what are your goals, short and longterm?

thanks for your comment.

The onus for the group at the moment is to raise the 5k to then allow us to apply for charity status.

Once we are a registered charity, our intentions in the short term are to involve the media, appoint an event company, contact A list acts and decide upon a date and venue for the concert.

All proceeds from the concert will be forwarded to the ben funds.

Long term we are looking at making this an annual event.

Many thanks
Hi Paul

No we are a seperate group that are purely working towards a one off large scale concert, with smaller events organised to raise funds, in the interim.

Festival for Heroes is being organised by John Knowles with the proceeds of this going to the British Legion, ours are to the Ben Funds.

Having heard about your 'charity' is it true you are using funds raised for you to pay off county court judgements that your team have recieved?? Sounds a little suspicious......
Oh do tell.....!!! :D
having worked in the voluntary sector for a number of years, i know you do not need any money at all to apply to become a charity.

The charity commision might need to see what fundings you have for the work you are planning on doing. so I am confused on what you need £5000 to try and get a charity number

edited to add
I think you mean you need to show to the charity commission that you will have an income of at least £5000 a year to be a registered charity rather than needing £5000 to start a charity up i guess
We are not a "charity" and have never claimed to be. We are a non profit organisation that is raising funds, supported by thousands of people now who are orgainising their own fundraising events, and assisting us. Most of which are families of the fallen.

There have been no "County Court judgements" raised against any current or past team members so feel that your comments are unfounded, and detract from what we are trying to do, give thanks to our Armed Forces for what they are doing.

Its a sad thing to see that there are still people who channel their energies into attacking others who are trying to help. when they could be doing something more productive.

We do thank you for your concerns. If you have further concerns please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with our accountant and solicitors details, as we are busy working on the cause.

Many thanks once again and wish you well in the furture.
Hi. thanks for your comment. Yes thats exactly what we mean and thank you for flagging that up for us.

We are a non profit organisation, whose aim within the next few months is to be granted charity status.

We will always receive negative comments, thats the nature of the beast when you are starting up and trying to get something going.

So thanks for your comment, have edited the opening note accordingly, we had already edited our website and facebook group some time ago, this was overlooked.
"Festival for Heroes" which was to be held on the 20th June 2009.. seems to have been withdrawn. We have tried to contact Jack Knowles to find out what the situation is but have recd no reply.
Honour said:
"Festival for Heroes" which was to be held on the 20th June 2009.. seems to have been withdrawn. We have tried to contact Jack Knowles to find out what the situation is but have recd no reply.
Couldn't find the linky to the statement by Jack Knowles (did however after a google find one on here) .........


For the record, I don't like Lulu! :D

Edited: cause I can't spell!
I think its a great idea....anything that supports our armed forces personnel and their family members.

However, the best honour would be to support our injured soldiers and their families. That is why a new campaign has started. The aim is to get the present medically discharge system changed and to introduce better treatment, advice, welfare support and entitlements put inplace before the injured person is discharged..... Please join in the debate and add your support...




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