Honour Killings, what a Joke!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geo7863, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Because they believe, really believe, that what they did was moral, correct and justified. Although running away to Mexico suggests that he knew the Yanks wouldn't see it quite that way ...
  2. If they live in a place where the law is properly understood and carried out* then they don't.

    It is only when they are forced to live among the heathens that they need to defend their perfectly reasonable faith based actions.

    Or - they only plead innocent of murder/unlawful killing or whatever as they belive that what they have done isn't either of those things.

    *as it is written in the holy scrolls of course.
  3. Problem is the Jury have to prove that he intended to kill them and it wasn't a honour killing. These swerving incidents are common amongst these honourable people!!

    I can think of other accidents where daughters have accidentally been drowned in a bath by their own fathers or accidentally burned to death by their Mothers accidentally throwing petrol over them whilst accidentally striking a match. I won't even go into Brothers accidentally tripping and throwing acid into their sister's faces or accidentally stabbing their sisters boyfriends.

    I hope he dwells on how 'honourable' he is when he's doing a 30 stretch and getting assisted in the shower by Big Bubba the Virginian Neo-Fascist.
  4. Is there anything in the Koran that says you must cut your children up into bits if you feel they have tainted your honour?

    It always makes me wonder why these Allah fearing ********* do it if it means they won't get to sit on Allahs right hand perving at virgins (or apples depending on what translation your reading)
  5. I have absolutely no understanding of these people, how could you ever plan and execute the murder of your own child? Hope the ****'s raped everyday of the 30 years and then stabbed to death ten minutes before his release.
  6. I converted for 72 ******* apples?

  7. Diagnosis of arse cancer due to violent actions on the pre release medical would be just as good
  8. Even worse is the translation: 72 Raisins!:frustrated::twisted:
  9. Can I vote for full-blown AIDS contracted through violent and repeated rape? Thank you.

  10. Aids, Arse Injected Death Syndrome
  11. Due to cuts the recent SDSR (sharia doppy sods review) they just get a tracker bar.
  12. Well **** that changes everything. :omg: :omfg:

    OMG Kitty.jpg
  13. You are supposed to protect your children and even if they mess up, they are your kids FFS. I hope he rots in prison for ever.