Honour Killings/Terrorism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theslayerofmen, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. from bbc news.............

    "Victims of such attacks are alleged by their families to have disgraced them.

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Islamist terror groups were behind one murder, as well as a case where a woman was threatened and is in hiding.

    But the Muslim Council of Britain said "honour" violence was a cultural practice, and nothing to do with faith".

    Thoughts.....Islamic faith or Islamic culture?
  2. Culture.

    To my knowledge, Islam is a peaceful religion, its just those idiots that fail to understand their own religion, and heritage that cause all the issues (that, and having an ulterior motive!!!).
  4. what the moslem council of britain is saying is F**K your laws were going to have our own laws in wether you like it or not,an insult to the indigenous (english)population.these people are condoning murder because its religion/culture.can you imagine going to Pakistan and practising christian laws! we tread on eggs so as not to offend this religion(hiding crosses and all that pallavor).their attitude is f**k you!.this is a barbaric, backward religion and has no place in a modern christian country
  5. I'm sure it's culture that drives these evil people to kill, but it's hard to say that Islam is a peaceful religion.

    In Christianity, the main man got himself nailed to a tree for saying people should be nice to one another. In Islam, the main man raised armies, raided caravans and fought wars across the Arabian peninsula. Blah Blah Crusades etc, yes I know, but that wasn't Jesus himself, was it, more like loads of bored warriors 1000 years after He'd already got his share of the local ironmongery business.
  6. Point taken!

    But, refering to the Quran, it urges people to be moderate, and courteous when dealing with others. Having said that, it also allows a man to hit his wife if she disobeys him, so I'm gonna shut up now! :oops:
  7. Well, it's cultural, certainly. I don't think you can describe anything as an 'Islamic' culture. Islam means many different thing to many different people: for some, anti-Semitism is an integral part of their faith, for others Israel simply isn't an issue as it doesn't affect them.

    In the mainly Muslim Xinjiang province of China, women Imams preach in women only mosques. Islam doesn't say anything about the involvement of women being wrong, just that the sexes should be socially separate. The whole burqa thing has more to do with Arab culture than Islam.

    Lumping Religion and culture together in this way is the same as saying female circumcision is part of Christian culture because a few head-jobs in Northern Africa practice it.
  8. inbred ****ing mountain village scum who shouldn't really be allowed to breed
    plan remove women and children under 11 and leave the rest to die out :twisted:
    and ship the ones in this country back who can't cope with the concept that
    A doris has more rights than a hamster
    b you can't kill her if she does'nt obey you
  9. Gendercide have got something to say about the subject as well,apparently hundreds of women and girls are stoned or burned to death, http://www.gendercide.org/case_honour.html every year.

    Or just google`honour killings Pakistan`,a must for advocates of Sharia law in Britain,Islam a religion of `Peace`my arrse!

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