"Honour" killings & integration in the UK?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Here
    Hmmmm ... 20 years for one and 10 years for the other for committing a "barbaric crime". Under present regulations will this be halved, with extra time off for good behaviour :x

    </p> I note, the family did not object to the murder so maybe this behaviour is acceptable in Pakistan, perhaps they would be happier to return to a country where they can practice their customs to their hearts content ...
  2. Wouldn't have thought so. They don't have social security in Pakistan do they?
  3. there will never be intigration with asians in this country until they accept our customs , dress and move out of their ghettos, they could learn a lot from the west indians and chinese.
  5. My friend's family is from Pakistan. Her parents moved to the US when their first daughter was born, because they wanted her to have a better life. As I see it, they can dress how they want, and hang on to some cultural stuff (foods, prayer beads, nice little things) but honour killings are a custom that ought to be left at home. The one we should really look at here is the victim, who WAS integrated.

    The problem as I see it (in both the US and UK), is that we don't treat nutters like that as a small extremist splinter group of the muslim community. They want us to think all muslims are like them, because when we pay attention to them, it alienates the sane majority. When they become alienated, they are more vulnerable to recruitment by radicals. Then an ugly cycle begins
  6. We are constantly being told that the majority of Muslims are nice peace loving people who wouldn't hurt a fly , perhaps what we are seeing here is the true Muslim and what they stand for.
    Does seem very strange that many other cultures have integrated with no problem over the years . The differance is that these other cultures have accepted British laws and customs and not demanded the British change.
  7. I am not a racist. I could not give a flying fcuk about an individual's race or skin colour. I have no problem whatsoever with a multi-racial society in the UK.

    What I do object to is a multi-cultural society. It doesn't work, it will not work, and the sooner that those who will not integrate into this country are made to leave, the better.

    Rant over.
  8. I think that one of the most disturbing things about this was the emergence of what appears to be a 'community' representative within the CPS:

    Nazir Afzal, area director of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Samaira was murdered because she loved the wrong person, in her family's eyes. "In that sense, it was an honour killing to protect the perceived status of the family, to mark their disapproval."

    ...he said, attempting, if not to actually justify this evil act in the name of a foreign culture, then explain it as a logical outcome to the ignorant indigenous masses.
  9. I'm slightly concerned that the Father seems to have managed to do a runner.

    However, I am much more shocked and deeply disgusted that two young girls (nieces I believe) were made to watch the killing.
  10. The mother wanted to watch the killing, according to ITV news.

    What sort of twisted faith can make a woman act against what is quite literally the strongest instinct on the face of the planet? It really does beggar belief, and is worth a lot more than 5 years inside, which is what they'll serve at most.
  11. That was news to me. It's your own daughter for God's sake. Wouldn't you just stop and think, 'What the fuck am I doing?'.

    It's not too hard. You can keep your traditions and your dress sense. But anything that conflicts with British laws and values, will not and should not, aid integration.
  12. Of course, we never hear about the thousands of other cases in which the Muslim family would perhaps like to do the same, but don't because they respect the laws of the UK.

    The "other cultures" that you mention preserve their cultural individualities but act according to the laws of the land - that includes the vast majority of Muslims, it's only the extreme cases we get to hear about.

  13. The question of who were paying attention to is an important one.
  14. They'd only 'like' to do it? Well that's alright then :roll: .
  15. The extremists are more interesting to the media. Examine 2 cases

    Case 1
    Muslim man walks by woman, bows his said and says "good morning"

    Case 2
    Muslims man walks by woman, turns around and beats her for not covering herself properly.

    Now, who makes the news? Case 1 is more common, but Case 2 is so much more interesting.

    I appologize for quoting myself, but I wish to restate my point. Liberals patronize these nutters in a misguided effort to be culturally sensitive, but by treating these people as representatives of their community, it alienates the sane majority of people in these communities.

    The whackos gain positions of power, because regular people have jobs, families, and hobbies. The whackos have no meaning in their lives, and fill the void with hatred and ambition. We should not associate these nutters with islam, but rather just look at them as we do any other nutter.