Honorary Membership of Sgts Mess

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vasser, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Will also post this under 'Seniors', just thought an RHQ bod might know off the top of their head!

    Is there a limit set down anywhere (QRs?) that states how many 'Honorary Members' a Sgts Mess can have?

    My GSM is convinced he has seen, written 'somewhere' that there is a limit of 10% of 'Serving Strength'.........but be dammned if I can find it.

  2. Nothing in QR's or AGAI's that I can see to limit honorary Mess Members. Likely it was a 'local' rule?
  3. From my time as PMC the rule regarding honorary members was a local mess rule. If there is anything regarding how many honorary members your mess can have, thats where you'll find it. Some smaller messes wouldn't survive without a large contingency of honorary members. So if you're the PMC or president its really up to you who you invite.
    Good Luck!
  4. From all my years in the Mess I think that that rule is normaly only bounded about when the RSM doesn't like the person who has applied for honoury membership.
  5. normally if there is one objection at the vote it is not carried however at my last mess the rsm changed this
  6. Not too sure now on the regulations but I do believe that limits are set by individual messes and this should be included in Mess Rules. When I was Presiding Member of the WOs & Sgts Mess in Stanley we had such a small membership we were able to include substansive Cpls (as per QRs) which brought the membership up to about 14 or 15. I then changed Mess Rules on a vote so that Honoury Members could number 50% of Mess Members.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Going back a bit, CastleMartin Sgt's Mess would never have functioned and gone bust without the large amount of Hon Members.
  8. When serving in Elmpt, the only time I seen honorary members was once a month when they came in to buy all their cheap fags and booze. Not once did I seen any of them use the mess regularly or attend functions. Bunch of knobbers. It may be different now, but probably not!
  9. Thanks all. I can only assume if he has 'seen it written somewhere' that it was on a previous set of mess rules rather than a 'real rule' IYKWIM.

    Will give him the message and see what happens.

  10. There is no ruling on how many - not that I can find. However I have been in seven messes and all rules have been different. In 1 mess it was if your face fitted. All messes however had to vote each year to keep them in.
  11. This is all I can find regarding honorary membership.

    5.747. Membership
    a. Every warrant officer and staff or other sergeant is to be a member of the sergeants' mess of his unit, and a
    single member may be a dining member. Membership is optional for those holding the local rank of sergeant.
    b. Warrant officers and senior NCOs attached from other units are to be temporary members of the sergeants'
    mess of the unit to which they are attached. Members of the AGC (RMP), AGC (MPS) and INT CORPS may
    be exempted from such membership when on detached duty.
    c. When on strength of a unit of their corps, Conductors RLC are to be members of the sergeants' mess. If
    attached to, or on the posted strength of, formation headquarters or other units they are, subject to the approval
    of the commanding officer, to become honorary members of the mess.
    d. Where membership of sergeants' mess is small, corporals may exceptionally be admitted as members of that
    mess, at the discretion of the commanding officers.
    e. Honorary membership of a sergeants' mess may be accorded, at the discretion of the commanding officer, to
    serving or temporary members of sergeants' messes of other units and to certain selected civilians.
  12. One thing you do need to be very careful about at the moment is not to fall foul of the Charity Commissioners regarding non entitled members of the club i.e. Hon members. They are currently looking at removing charitable status from a number of funds for having too many civilian members. They would turn a blind eye to a handful of non entitled but if you had in the region of 50% questions may be asked!!

  13. PW, would that rule also count for RBL clubs where the civilian members outnumber the Mil and ex Mil ones ??
  14. Possibly, although I'm not sure if they have charitable status.