Honorary Members of Sgts Messes


Will also post this under RHQ, just thought another senior may have come across this before....

Is there a limit set down anywhere (QRs?) that states how many 'Honorary Members' a Sgts Mess can have?

My GSM is convinced he has seen, written 'somewhere' that there is a limit of 10% of 'Serving Strength'.........but be dammned if I can find it.

Not too sure now on the regulations but I do believe that limits are set by individual messes and this should be included in Mess Rules. When I was Presiding Member of the WOs & Sgts Mess in Stanley we had such a small membership we were able to include substansive Cpls (as per QRs) which brought the membership up to about 14 or 15. I then changed Mess Rules on a vote so that Honoury Members could number 50% of Mess Members.
I understood it to be something that should be covered in Mess Rules, probably dependant on the type of mess and it’s members. I will assume you are referring to a Garrison Mess which I (gladly) have never had the experience of being a member of.

However our Mess rules went something along the lines of below:

Mess members must vote by majority to accept honorary members* on an individual basis, this membership must be proposed and seconded by two current mess members and the membership must then be “reviewed” annually with a vote by mess members as to whether or not to renew the respective persons membership. The honorary member may not vote on any proposals but must pay Mess subscriptions.

Ex serving (Regimental, not attached arms) Mess members who leave the Mess at the end of their army career (Not including LE’s) remain honorary members for life but do not have the right to vote and they must pay subscriptions if they use the mess more than twice in a calendar month.

(*The above is assuming that the proposed honorary member is a civilian)

I don’t think there is anything in QR’s about percentages of honorary mess members but as always I’m prepared to be proved wrong. :wink:

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