Honorary Green Berets

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by two_of_seven, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. I could find a more relevant forum, but here goes:

    Is there a definitive list of civilians who have completed the commando course & been awarded their beret.

    I understood it was only two blokes who completed it, I have however found three names, Jimmy Saville, Gethin (Blue Peter presenter) & Chris (cameraman \52 year old commando)

    Can anyone knowledgable clarify?

    thanks in advance
  2. I believe what you mean by 'completed the commando course' is complete the final 30 miler?

    I too looked this up when Sir Jammy popped his cloggs but found only the two names. I even tried to find Gethin on YouTube as I expected as most of the BP stuff ends up on there, but alas . . .

    PS. I used to drink in the GB Bar in Incirlik, Turkey on a tour years ago and was made an honourary Green Beret by the 10th SFG. Strange that a rotund lazy loggie could get such an award from an esteemed unit of the US SF simple by the facts of; a) Being pissed very often in their bar, b) Not being RAF :)
  3. First off there is more to having "completed the Commando course" that cracking the tests, however that must be in another thread somewhere....

    The list is correct persay but you could add alot more names to it that were not "PR Honorary" jobs as some lads that gained injuries that would prevent full service but displayed the qualities required would be passed for servce in admin roles as "honorary" ranks
  4. ASFAIK there are 2 honorary green berets:

    Sir Jimmy Saville (although he never did any commando tests he was presented with one for all the outstanding and enduring physical work he did for charities)

    Chris Terrill- actually did the full AACC with a camera tripod rather than an SA80.

    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.553114,-2.120653
  5. I sit corrected on the "PR Honorary's" and I seem to be missing a trick with that link? or is it just to let us know your location for whatever reason?
  6. Does my bloody head in that link, it's the bloody tapatalk app on my phone giving away my location and don't know how to disable it without killing the phones location services.
  7. Isn't King Harold of Norway also a honorary Commando?
  8. Incorrect. He followed a Royal Marines troop from day one, through pass out, and some of them into Afghan. He didn't "do" the course until test week. He only did the 9 miler, tarzan, endurance and 30 miler... with a tripod. NOT the AACC which is a 9 week course...
  9. You got any more of those crayons?